Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe and the Benefits of Juicing!


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My juice challenge of getting out the juicer and juicing every day is going strong over here. I have not been posting every juice, and I have not been taking pictures of every juice. But I have been taking pictures of several of them, and posting my favorites. This one was a winner. I felt like I was getting creative and juiced a fennel bulb along with pineapple and a pear. It was So good!!

I bought the fennel bulb from a local organic farmer who was telling me how easy it is to grow fennel here. I live in the north and our growing season is short. But fennel seems to be hardy. The thing to watch with fennel he said, is that it doesn’t have many other plants that like to grow with it. The fennel is a solitary guy, although he really likes mint. However mint can really take over so you have to watch where you plant that too.  Ah, the fun of companion planting and sorting out the drama filled lives of plants! Wink


I posted these Benefits of Juicing in my last newsletter, but I will share it here as well.
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Benefits of Juicing

Great Reasons to Juice your Vegetables!

1. Juicing allows your digestive system a rest and allows your body to spend its energy on detoxifying and healing.
2. Juicing is great for weight loss.
3. Juicing heals and makes your digestive system stronger.
4. Juicing breaks down vegetables making it easier for your body to absorb and use the nutrients.
5. The abundant nutrients from juices helps with chronic illness and decreases any need for medications.
6. You can juice a larger amount of vegetables than you could eat whole, and so you benefit by consuming more vegetables than you normally would.
7. Juicing boosts your immune system.
8. Juicing decreases body odor.
9. Juicing will make you more beautiful with improved skin tone, nail strength and stronger, healthier hair.
10. Juicing lessens allergies.
11. Juicing helps you sleep better
12. Juicing gives you more energy.
13. Juicing makes you happier. It increases your mental and emotional health.


Now, here’s a new juice to try!


Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe


Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe

½ Fennel bulb, aprox. 2 cups
½ head Romaine
large handful Parsley
2 cups Pineapple
1 Pear


Juicing photos

Get out your ingredients

Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe - ingredients

Prep and chop up the beautiful produce.

Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe - ingredients prepped

Feed it all through the juicer.

Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe - juicing

That’s it. Your delicious green juice is ready!

Wild Thing Green Juice Recipe


Cheers! With Love,


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