Vegan Neptune Salad aka Mock Tuna Recipe


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This vegan tuna wannabe salad is delicious. I just made it for lunch and it was a hit with everyone, vegans and non-vegetarians alike. In fact those that would eat fish said they preferred this anyway. That always feels great! When everyone prefers the healthy vegan option. The salad mixture is ground up almonds and carrots, and the orange makes it almost look more like salmon, but the taste is more like a tuna salad and since it is vegan and not really like either, it has just been coined Vegan Neptune Salad. This salad looks really great with the flecks of green and black from nori sheets chopped up, which also give it it’s light sea taste. Our healthy hemp oil mayonnaise is perfect in this. All together it makes a perfect lunch – it’s nutritious, filling and delicious! 


Vegan Neptune Salad aka Mock Tuna Recipe


2 cups Almonds
3 Carrots
4 Celery stalks – chopped
3 Green Onions – chopped
2 Tbsp (small handful) Parsley – chopped
2 sheets of Nori – wet under running water and then chop
1 ½ c Mayonnaise


Put the almonds and carrots through juicer with a blank screen or process in food processor until very fine. Wet nori under running water and chop it up with a knife on a cutting board.. It will begin disintegrating and become easy to chop when wet. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and that’s it. It’s ready to serve.
Keeps well for a week stored in an air tight container in the fridge.


How to make the Vegan Neptune Salad on Video


How to make a Vegan Neptune Salad (aka Mock Tuna) Wrap


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Assemble ingredients

Vegan Neptune Salad Recipe ingredients

Grind the almonds and carrots. I used my juicer to grind them and used the blank plate, instead of the juicing screen, to grind them. You can also grind them by processing them in a food processor. Both ways work well. I think you get a little bit of a finer texture with the juicer, but it is nominal. Both ways work fine.

Vegan Neptune Salad Recipe grinding almonds

For the celery I like to cut the stalks lengthwise a few times and then slice finely, like this

Vegan Neptune Salad Recipe chopping celery

Add all of the ingredients to the ground almonds and carrots and mix well together.

Vegan Neptune Salad Recipe

That’s it. Ready to serve!


Enjoy! To your optimal health!

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