Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe


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This quinoa cereal recipe makes a great breakfast and is a delicious high protein comfort food. The quinoa is cooked in cinnamon, vanilla and orange juice to infuse the quinoa with a sweet rich and delicious flavor. The mango and goji berries are mixed in after the quinoa is cooked, to keep their vital nutrients and enzymes intact. The warm quinoa softens the goji berries and gives this filling, but not heavy, dish a great texture, a wonderful tropical flavor and loads of nutrition.


Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe


Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe


½ cup Quinoa
1 cup Orange juice
¼ cup Mango
¼ cup Pineapple
½ Banana
2 Tbsp Goji berries
½ Vanilla bean, or ½ tsp Vanilla extract
½ tsp Cinnamon


Cook quinoa in orange juice, cinnamon and vanilla.  When finished cooking and cooled add fruit. Stir and serve.


Photo Description

Assemble ingredients

Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe - ingredients

Cook quinoa in orange juice with cinnamon and vanilla.

Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe - quinoa cooking w oj cinnamon and vanilla

Transfer to bowl and add mango, pineapple, banana and goji berries. ✿ fb/ Robins Key

Mix to combine.

Tropical Sunshine Quinoa Cereal Recipe - ingredients mixed in bowl

.and it’s ready to serve. Will keep well a few days int he fridge sealed in an air tight container. If there is any left that is. It’s delicious!



With love, Robin



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  • Christine

    My daughter just made this recipe but the quinoa did not really cook and now we are wondering if it’s because of the orange juice? We cook quinoa all the time and we usually don’t have a problem with it. That’s why we were wondering if it could be the orange juice?

    • Hi Christine, that’s interesting, but I don;t think it would be the orange juice. I used fresh squeezed juice, squeezed it just before cooking the quinoa in it. I actually only made it the one time.. just thought it up and made it. I did notice that the quinoa wasn’t quite as fluffy as with water, but still was very close. That was very minor though. It was well cooked and I found it delicious all together.
      I know it’s disappointing when a recipe doesn’t turn out, but this one did for me and was exactly as shown above. If she used a pasteurized oj (from a box) maybe that should be cut in half with water. I didn’t experiment with that, and perhaps it’s thicker. Just an idea. Good luck if you are trying it again. ..and if so, would love to hear results.

      ps. Aside from this recipe, I also have an apple cinnamon quinoa porridge recipe that has quinoa cooked just in water and then added ingredients. I also loved this one!