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These top 10 superfoods represent the superstars of the plant world in terms of nutrition and healing properties. What makes a food a superfood? A food is considered to be a superfood if it has a broad or very high nutrient content, or if it has very special powerful healing or medicinal properties that are unique to this plant, rarely found in others.  As such, these foods are the best foods to incorporate into your diet to heal yourself, and to look and feel your best. This superfoods list covers all different parts of the plant world. What are the healthiest seeds? Which is my favorite and why? The most potent berry? What I consider to be the most healing and beneficial of all foods are contained in this top 10 superfood list.


These top 10 superfoods, shown on powerpoint, is part of a presentation that I gave for a ‘Wellness fair’ recently. This was the first part, along with touching on other ‘Simple Strategies for Health and Happiness’ and a recipe demonstration followed, using recipes with superfoods, of course. 😉

This presentation of my Top 10 Superfoods shows the top foods to boost your mood and give you energy. What foods you need to incorporate into your diet and why!

I wanted to share this superfood list with you, and this is my first time recording my screen and translating a powerpoint into video. It’s longer than planned, but I think it’s filled with great information and so I kept it and split it into the following two 10 min videos.  20 minutes, but it could add years to your life!

I hope you enjoy and get some new valuable information from this. I love learning more about superfoods and I hope you do too!  There are so many & I know I left some important superfoods out. 10 is not many! But these rank the highest in my book. What are your favorite superfoods?


Top 10 Superfoods – Part 1


Top 10 Superfoods – Part 2


Links to Healthy Superfoods Recipes

Berry Green Smoothie
Green Juices – 4 great ones here!
Green Goddess Spinach Herb Soup
Blended Salad Soup
Marinated Kale Salad
Ultimate Hemp Protein Bars 
Rawkalicious Cookies
Hippie Hemp Cookies 

Superfood Cereal in a Bottle
Chocolate Avocado Pudding 
Chia Pudding ..and Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding too!

I am creating and collecting the beat tasting and healthiest recipes around. I could keep listing, but you can check out the whole list of healthy recipes here!


To your optimal health!

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