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My new raw foods recipe book is just out on Amazon and I am so excited to share it with you!  This book has been a labor of love and is something I have been wanting to put out for years. It has over 100 of my favorite raw foods recipes. This includes the raw recipes that I use day to day as well as my favorites to take to gatherings and share with others. And now I get to share them with you, in an format that is very easy to read and navigate.  This e-book is a kindle book and available on, or in Canada, at the links below.

Get my Raw Foods Recipe Book on Amazon!

Click below (note: updated, now called the Love of Living Foods):
The Love of Living Foods A Raw Food Recipe Book


Raw Food Recipe Book - The Joy of Living Foods


My Favorite Raw Recipes

One of the really awesome things about the book is that it has links for the recipes I have made on video or on my blog and I’ve linked them up, so if you are in the kitchen and need a bit more information or help, just click the link and it’s like I am there in the kitchen with you!  There is also a table of contents that links and takes you straight to each chapter and  an index with every recipe linked up, so its really fun to use and easy to navigate through.

Along with the recipes there are chapters with tips on working with raw foods, techniques often used in a raw foods kitchen, my favorite equipment, about the ingredients that are often used and especially the ones that are different from cooked foods kitchens.  I tried to be very clear and concise and yet provide the most important and essential  information.

I hope you enjoy the book! Almost every one of these recipes have been made over and over again and I know they work and give great results. Get a copy now and bring me into your kitchen. I will help you make the most healthful and delicious recipes that will make you and your loved ones healthy and happy too!

Get The Joy of Living Foods now on Amazon!


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