The Importance and Benefits of To Do Lists and What’s on mine


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I love To Do lists and make them almost every day. I can definitely say that on the days when I am being most productive, I am following a To Do list. There are many benefits of To Do lists, from helping you prioritize your time to helping you remember what it is you meant to do! For me, to do lists are absolutely invaluable. It’s a very simple strategy that works great! 


Benefits of To Do Lists

Creates order
A to do list is an orderly way to organize how to do the things you want to do. Projects and plans get broken down into bite size chunks that are doable. A to do list not only creates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done.

Manage tasks effectively. You can see all of the items at a glance and prioritize what most needs to be done according to timelines and importance.

The act of writing it down in itself holds you accountable to get it done. Once you write it down, you have given it life and now are creating a plan to accomplish the goals you would like to see completed.  You are now accountable to you.

Rescheduling and organizing your time.
If you finish something quickly, a meeting gets cancelled or you otherwise find yourself with extra time, you can quickly see where the best way to spend your time is quickly to get back on track.

If something comes up unexpectedly and takes precedence in importance, when you are finished you can quickly see and continue with your previous plans.

Feeling Productive
It is a great feeling to cross items off your list. This gives you back control. It also gives you a positive productive feeling and this alone is worth keeping lists for.

Helps you to Delegate
To do lists help you to delegate work. If you see the list is too long, you can find others to help you get things done, whether it is asking family members for a hand or hiring a job out.

Relieves Stress
As you see work getting done and that you are moving forward efficiently, it allows you to relax more. Work is getting done and so you can take a well-deserved break. Schedule it in if you need to. I am quite good at just taking periodic breaks whether scheduled or not.


Benefits of To Do Lists


Suggestions for keeping your To Do Lists working well

Make To Do Lists Fun!

If a To Do list to you ever feels like all work and drudgery, book in things you look forward to and fun things as well.  Meeting a friend for tea, or even a quick call to say hi, a beach walk, checking out your next vacation destination online. Make sure to mix up the work with some fun, even kids in school get recess!

Keep it Flexible and No Stress!

I don’t look at any of my To Do lists as ‘set in stone’. That would be too stressful. Instead they are guides and their purpose is to help, but not put any pressure on you. However, I find that the act of actually committing an idea to paper and writing it on a list is enough to set it in your mind as something worthy of doing and before long it is done. Lists feel almost magical to me and really help me to get things done.



Keep at least 2 To Do Lists: Long Term and Daily

I find it beneficial to have 2 lists on the go: Long term and short term. One is for things that I want or need to get done in the future, whether it is in the next week, month or year. The other is for what I want or hope to accomplish today, or tomorrow.


My Long Term To Do List

Subliminal audio empowerment series.
Make set of subliminal audio cd’s.  next up – Mix audio subliminal affirmation tracks with background tracks.
I have recorded 40 tracks of affirmations. Each of these tracks is on a different theme and there are over 30 affirmations recorded on each one. Each track will be turned into subliminal audios embedded into a selection of backgrounds to put the listener into a deep relaxed state that is ideal for the subliminals to work.  These tracks will then be put into 12 albums. I have put a lot of thought, work and love into this project and am really excited about it!

Note: My subliminal cd’s are now available. Find out more about them here.

Complete the workout videos that are in the works right now.
I have 4 more workout videos filmed – or to be filmed and made – and then I am packing up the camera, at least until we sell our home and move. I plan to continue making up and posting new workouts, and I am working on a new way to do that. I have an idea for a infogram/photo with the workout explained on it. This will take a bit of time for me to figure out and I hope that by the time I make and post the workout videos, I will have a solution figured out.

New recipe book! ..eventually.
I will continue posting new recipes online as usual. And, I would love to start working on a new recipe book. I have recipes all waiting for a new home between covers. But in its time.

Figure out how to make a recipe book with the pdf recipes from newsletters.
I plan to continue with the newsletters, posting a new one every 2 weeks, but would love to have an awesome small recipe book of all the newsletter recipes put out so far, to come free with the newsletter when you sign up!

Note: It’s now made and avalable by signing up here.

Inspiration Photos
Continue organizing and selecting photos, as well as quotes and info.
I am purchasing photos to use commercially to post to facebook and use on my website. I bought a monthly plan where I can download 25 photos per day for a month. Awesome!

Mom’s Exhibition
Assemble paintings and make a list of names, sizes, prices to be printed up and sent off for labels to be printed.
Mom is having a showing here at the Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery from Sept 22 to Oct 8.

Clean House
An open house is coming up, and our house needs to get ready!


My Daily To Do list for Today

Post this post on To Lists. (Done!)
Start mixing audio tracks.
Make a pdf of chocolate truffle recipe for this week’s newsletter.
For tomorrow – Start writing for and putting newsletter together.
Plan next recipe to post on blog.
Plan next workout to post to blog. Check video and start editing it.
Pick and download 25 photos.
Pick 20 paintings for Mom’s show.
For tomorrow – List and organize paintings.

..and while I was typing this, my r/e agent just called and is showing the house in a few hours.  Refer to above – be flexible! .and remember if you have crazy lists like mine to treat yourself well: take breaks, play, stretch, breathe deep, eat well and moving frequently all help keep you energized.

So now how is your To Do List looking?

If you are not doing it already, I hope this helped inspire you to get organized and make lists too!

With Love,

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