Thai Green Juice Recipe


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This Thai green juice recipe is filled with ingredients that are not only highly nutritious and exceptionally detoxifying but also taste great together. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruit to pair with greens. The sweetness of pineapple takes away any bitterness the greens may have, mellows out the juice and gives a delicious sweet flavor to the juice. There is lots of pineapple in this one to also balance out the cilantro and lime. This flavorful juice tastes awesome. This is definitely one of my favorites. 


Thai Green Juice Recipe Recipe


Thai Green Juice Recipe

2 cups Spinach
½ head Romaine
handful Cilantro
1 cup Pineapple
½ Lime


Juicing photos

All the ingredients are ready. I added some parsley also to make it a deeper green juice. Parsley is an incredibly nutritious green and I had lots so added some in.

Thai Green Juice Recipe- ingredients

Juice all together.

Thai Green Juice Recipe - juice ingredients

Then drink and enjoy!!

Thai Green Juice Recipe


To your health!


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