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7 days easting raw foods plan book

The 7 days of Eating Raw Food Plan s now available in book form.  This plan has been the most visited page on my site since it came out. Not only does this plan gett hundreds of clicks each day but also I have had many emails from people susseccfully following it. Even some who were following it as a guide long term and so I decided that this raw food plan should be made into a book, making it more convenient and easier than ever to follow. || Read more

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This easy massaged kale salad recipe simplifies the process of making it, so it’s a breeze to make and enjoy at home often. It does take a little time to massage the kale but other than that it is easy. This favorite salad is delicious and loaded with nutrients as kale is the most nutritionally rich vegetabe there is!  The technique is easy and the basic recipe includes only 4 ingredients. Then you can add other favorite ingredients to change it up and create your own version of it with what you have at home. 

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Whether you are raw, vegan or just want healthy vegetarian options, I have some rich, hearty and satisfying, abundantly nutritious vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas to share. || Read more

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Winter is on its way and I have been asked frequently for suggestions on how to stay raw in the winter. Eating raw food in the winter is definitely a little more challenging than in the summer and I feel like I have this one down. I have helped others and I myself have stayed 100% raw through many Canadian winters and so, I have some great tips and strategies to share. || Read more

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Often when I mention raw food and eating raw foods, or living foods, I get a puzzled face or someone asking what I mean. Often images of carrot or celery sticks come to mind for someone who doesn’t know much about eating raw. In my mind, while those are raw foods, that is the last thing that I think of. I’m not a big fan of eating plain raw vegetables.  || Read more

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Which natural sweeteners are the most healthy sweeteners and the best sweeteners of all? This question has been asked over and over and it’s one of those questions that can have many answers, depending on how you look at it and who is answering. When I look at natural sweeteners I will take into account the sweetening effect vs the nutritional aspect. || Read more

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This 7 days of eating raw foods will jump start you into a glowing new you. Feel the vibrancy that eating raw living plant foods will give you. Here, the 7 days of eating raw foods plan is given a more detailed look. Portion sizes are calculated for planning recipes and groceries. This will guide you through, to see exactly what the weekly menu plan amounts are. You should never feel hungry, even if you plan to lose weight with this raw foods plan. There will be more than needed dehydrated foods, and special suggestions are given here to adjust the plan to best suit you.  || Read more

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