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Lotus Heart Center Retreat Dining

I hope to share some new meal ideas with you through the menu plan that I made up and followed for the recent Padmani Yoga retreat, hosted by YuMee Chung at the Lotus Heart Center. YuMee and the yoga teachers that she had gathered were a beautiful, heart centered, high vibe group of people and it was a joy to be making food for them. Check out more about YuMee and Jivamukti Yoga below, then come check out what was happening in the kitchen during her technical training intensive retreat. || Read more

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chaga mushroom benefits

Chaga mushrooms have some really incredible health benefits, and drinking Chaga tea is a great way to get them. Come shopping with me for my favorite superfoods and have a cup of Chaga tea with me. You’ll see below how easy it is to make Chaga tea and check out many of the incredible benefits to your health and why it is one of the top superfoods available now. || Read more

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15 Top Tips to Kick Sugar Addiction

Sugar. That white powdery addictive substance is like a bad boyfriend. It attracts you with an enticing lure but then soon leaves you flat, broke and exhausted. And even when you finally lock the door against it, it finds ways to slip in though the backdoor, often disguised in captivating and innocent-looking packages. || Read more

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Beauty Foods - The top foods for glowing skin

You know that look when someone has a beauty that just seems to radiate from the inside out? They exude energy and vitality along with their clear complexion, bright smile and white eyes. Chances are they are eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, and especially lots of the top foods for glowing skin. || Read more

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I have some great strategies to share to really boost your brain power! Including a great list of the best herbs and foods for the brain, an awesome homemade brain tea that you can mix yourself to give you clarity and focus, boosting memory and mental sharpness. These also enhance your creativity and energy. Plus, exercises, tips and further strategies to enhance your genius brainpower. || Read more

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You can intentionally raise your vibration to achieve vibrant health and to live a more energetic, full and longer life.  There are so many benefits to living a high vibe feel-great life. Read on for why you should raise your vibration and check out the tips to see if there are any ways you can raise your vibration even higher!  || Read more

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Ho’oponopono is one of my personal favorite and most used (inner and outer) healing techniques. I first heard of it from an article by Joe Vitale many years ago, which told a fascinating story about a Hawaiian psychologist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Dr Hew Len worked in a prison for the criminally insane and made amazing transformations to the complete ward of inmates through the ancient Hawaiian healing technique of Ho’oponopono. || Read more

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