Taco Wraps and How to Make a Collard Leaf Wrap


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Collard leaves make a great base for wraps. They are big and flexible, strong enough to hold lots of fillings together and do not have a strong taste. I would rather eat a big green leaf any day than a carb-loaded flour based tortilla. The nutrition skyrockets in comparison and after you try this you will see how delicious it is, as well as how clean and energetic you feel after eating it, as opposed to heavy and bloated. My favorite filling is a nutmeat patty and lots of great toppings. The taco wrap version is one of my favorites and here I will show you exactly how to make it.


Taco Wrap


1 Collard leaf
1 Nutmeat Patty
Almond Cheese
other favorite toppings: Tomato, Red Onion, Hot Peppers, Olives, Sprouts, shredded Lettuce etc.


Cut hard center stalk out of the bottom of the collard leaf and lie flat. Spread some almond cheese and then place nutmeat patty on top and layer with guacamole, salsa and all of your favorite toppings. Wrap collard leaf up and around the fillings and it is ready to eat.


How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap on Video


Photo Description

Cut center stem out of the base of leaf by running your knife along it flat with the leaf as shown in the picture below or you can just cut a V in the bottom of the leaf to remove the thickest part of stem.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap

This is how I cut out the center stalk to have the leaf as flat and thin as possible.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 2

Spread some almond cheese on the leaf, closer to one side (the other side is going to fold up over it) and top with a nutmeat patty.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 3

Top with guacamole.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 4

Add your favorite toppings.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 5

Top with some salsa.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 7

Lift up the bottom end and fold over and then wrap in the sides.  I show my folding technique in the video above.

How to Make a Collard Taco Wrap 8

That’s it! simple, easy and delicious.


Enjoy! To your optimal health!


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  • Leanne

    I love your recipes, but find there is no printable version. That makes it difficult for me to follow in the kitchen.