Ultimate Shamrock Shake Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day – Mint and Mint Cacao Chip


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I made an incredibly delicious Shamrock Shake Recipe the extra healthy superfood way. They are so incredibly good that I want to share them with you and hope you have time to indulge for St Patrick’s Day too! But, of course, they are great for any time of the year!  These shakes are not only awesomely delicious but they are good for you too!  Read on to see my superfood alternatives! 

This is how we make ultra-delicious Shamrock Shakes the healthy way!

Superfood Shamrock Shakes

First start off with vanilla ice cream. I used my favorite raw vegan Vanilla Ice Cream (recipe is in my new book) as a base and added my easy to make homemade almond milk. then instead of chemical laden green food colouring – eeks! Don’t touch that stuff. – add some spirulina to give the green color. Wow! turns out the most nutritious food on the planet is green too!! but you use just enough to give color and not to add any taste. For the flavor instead of mint extract we are using peppermint essential oil . My mom was a Young Living distributor before her stroke and we have at least a hundred bottles of essential oils around here. I live in an essential oil paradise. awesome!

Furthermore,  to heighten the superfood experience, and as I was feeling like mint chocolate chip, I took it a step further and added cacao nibs to mine. So you can make this 2 ways, either straight up Mint, or a Mint Cacao Chip, which is hands down my favorite!

Here’s the recipe. It is soo good!! Yay, for Happy St Patrick’s Day!!


Shamrock Shake Recipe


1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
½ cup Almond Milk, or milk of choice
½ to ¼ tsp Spirulina
3 drops Peppermint essential oil


Blend all ingredients together until smooth.


Mint Cacao Chip Shamrock Shake Recipe


Shamrock Shake Recipe ingredients, above
2 Tbsp Cacao nibs


Make the Shamrock Shake recipe first and then blend in cacao nibs on low speed afterwards.


Shamrock Shake Recipe Photos

Assemble ingredients

Mint Chocolate Chip Shamrock Shake Recipe - ingredients

Put all ingredients for the Shamrock Shake Recipe in the blender and blend well.

Mint Shamrock Shake Recipe - in blender

Pour into a glass and enjoy! It’s delicious. Or go on to create my favorite version..

Mint Shamrock Shake Recipe

Make the Mint cacao Chip Shamrock Shake Recipe by adding cacao nibs in and blending on low to medium speed.

Mint Cacao Chip Shamrock Shake Recipe - in blender

Pour into your special St Patrick’s Day glass and Enjoy!

Mint Cacao Chip Shamrock Shake Recipe

 I love the little crunchy bits of chocolate in this. hands down this is my favorite. It looked more green than is coming out in the pictures. I used a quarter teaspoon of spirulina.  Even so,  after lunch I am going to try adding more spirulina, a half teaspoon, and I will let you know how it goes! Great excuse for more Shamrock Shakes! Go green!!


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy St Patrick Day!!



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