Raw Sushi: Nori Rolls made with Sprouted Quinoa and Sprouts


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To make sushi the raw foods way the main thing that you need is a substitution for the rice and here are a few good options available for you to choose from.  A few of the most popular ways to do this are making and using parsnip rice (I will show you this in an upcoming post), sprouted quinoa or by using sprouts. I will show you those last two options in this post. These are the most abundantly nutritious, life enhancing and delicious nori rolls ever! 


Sprouting Quinoa

Soak quinoa in water to cover for at least a half hour. Drain and rinse quinoa in a fine mesh strainer. After it has drained set the strainer with the quinoa still in it in a bowl. Let it sit there for several hours where air can circulate freely around it. It is best left at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Rinse and drain again in 8-12 hours. Again leave quinoa in the strainer sitting in bowl. Repeat rinsing and draining, one more time in 8-12 hours. Quinoa sprouts can be used now and for up to 24 hours. If using later, store in the refrigerator. They will be quite small but taste great when they are very young sprouts and are best used as soon as possible for freshest taste.


Nori Rolls

These nori rolls (aka maki) are made with sprouted quinoa, which is easy to make with the above directions. Quinoa can be substituted with a bed of alfalfa, broccoli or other sprouts. Layer with lots of colorful vegetables veggies and roll up, slice and Voila! Beautiful Nori Rolls.


Nori Sheets
Sunflower Pate
Sprouted Quinoa
Sprouts: Alfalfa, Broccoli or Sunflower are my favs
Vegetables: Carrot, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Avocado, Green Onion and/or Daikon Radish – all julienned into long thin strips or grated
optional: Marinated Shitake Mushrooms


Lay a nori sheet on a bamboo sushi roller mat, if available. On the nori sheet spread on the half closest to you a strip of Sunflower Pate. On top of the pate, spread a layer of the sprouted quinoa and then layer with available or desired sprouts and vegetables. Drizzle lightly with a dipping sauce, nama shoyu and/or cayenne, if desired. Lightly wet rest of nori with water or nama shoyu to soften and roll up using the mat to help press together and roll firmly so that the roll is tight. If a mat is not available just roll up together as tightly as possible. Wet the end as you reach it with a bit of water or shoyu to seal. Press together after rolled for a few seconds to make sure roll is tightly sealed. Release and cut into 6 pieces: cut in half and then each half into thirds. Serve with some tamari and wasabi on the side.


How to Make Nori Rolls with Sprouted Quinoa



How to Make Nori Rolls with Sprouts



Nori Rolls with Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouts and marinated shitake mushrooms


Nori Rolls with Sprouted Quinoa


Nori Rolls with Sprouted Quinoa and Sprouts


Nori Rolls with Sprouted Quinoa and Sprouts


To your optimal health. Enjoy!

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