Not Just Any Raw Papaya Pie Recipe!


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Raw Papaya Pie Recipe

A key lime pie was the plan, the crust was made, and suddenly Holly asks (seeing a papaya in the fridge that really needs to get eaten) “Can’t you just make a papaya pie recipe!?” Hmm, the wheels in my head start spinning. How would I do that? I am not sure if you know that papayas just are not that great in Canada. In fact often they are just completely tasteless and bland.

How is it that in the tropics papaya is amazing! ..and yet it comes here and has no flavor!? But it is so fresh and delicious there.  And mango, nothing beats fresh mango! but that’s beside the point. Pineapple too!

& Oh, the enzymes!

Did you know that pineapple and papaya both produce enzymes, called proteolytic enzymes, that are really effective to break up the protein you eat to digest it properly? Pineapple produces bromelain and papaya produces papain and these 2 enzymes are often found in the bottle of digestive enzymes you may be taking if you have any digestive issues.

& you can get them both in this pie!

Oh, back to the pie and my story. Well, it turned out the payaya was kind of bland. But the good news is that it became more decorative, as beautiful mosaic squares fused together with a really delicious tropical fruit filling of pineapple, orange and mango. Oh yes! ..and it was a hit.

Come join me in the kitchen and we will recreate it!


 Raw Papaya Pie Recipe


Raw Papaya Pie Recipe


2 Macadamia Pie Crusts
3 cups Papaya – diced small
1 cup Cashews
2 cups Coconut Butter (creamed coconut)
2 cups Pineapple
1 cup Mango
½ cup Orange juice
1 Tbsp Orange zest


Make pie crusts and form into pie pans. Evenly distribute the papaya cubes into the 2 pie shells.

Get the rest of the ingredients for the filling ready. Then warm up the coconut butter so it is soft and creamy.

When it is ready and completely melted and soft add it and all of the remaining ingredients to a high speed blender, or food processor and process. When blended well, pour the mixture into the shells over the papaya chunks and using a spoon stir and move papaya a bit to make sure the filling is in all areas and there are no air pockets.

Spoon down the top of the pies so the surface is smooth and set into the fridge to set for at least 20 or 30 minutes before serving.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 1 ingredients

Photo Description

Get your ingredients together

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 1 ingredients

and get your Macadamia pie crusts ready.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - macadamia crust

These are so easy to make. Really. You just process 3 ingredients together!

Then press it into a pie pan.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - macadamia crust 2

Peel and dice the papaya.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 2 chopping papayaGetting the rest of the fruit ready. Peel the orange and squeeze the juice.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 3 orange juice and zest for creamWhen fruit is ready, melt the coconut cream.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 4 melting coconut cream While the coconut is melting, place the papaya cubes into the pie crusts, so they are ready.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 7 papaya in pie shells

When the coconut cream is all melted, add it to the fruit in the blender jar and blend.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 6 blending tropical fruit cream mixturePour the blended tropical fruit mixture over the papaya cubes.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 8 pouring on tropical fruit creamSpread it out and mix a bit so there are no air bubbles. Then smooth out the top.

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe - 9 finished piesSet in the fridge for at least 15 or 20 minutes to firm pie filling, so that it will cut smoothly. Then it’s ready to serve.

Raw Papaya Pie RecipeEnjoy!

Raw Papaya Pie Recipe



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