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I’ve been at the Lotus heart center just over 24 hours now.  I arrived around midnight, it was dark and we had a vehicle filled with food. 3 fridges now packed! I am just getting oriented in the kitchen and around the place. It’s a little like a maze, a beautiful high vibe one, with sets of rooms off in different wings.  It’s quite big, various sitting areas and there is a huge gorgeous yoga hall. 

I am really busy in the kitchen right now. I can be such a planner but even so when working with lots of produce flexibility is important. ‘This is ripe and needs to get used first’, ‘that can wait’. Lots of variables, and thinking as well as preparing food, and I am realizing it’s going to be a really busy week. The bad news is that I may not have much time to post new recipes. The good news is that I have some new recipes to create and can share them wth you when I get home. I am thinking the best way to stay in touch for right now, while I’m full-on in the kitchen is to share photos with you to keep in touch.

Come check out the kitchen.. Welcome!

Lotus Heart Center Retreat kitchen

It’s a great kitchen to work in.

Lotus Heart Center Retreat kitchen 2

another view..

Lotus Heart Center Retreat kitchen 3

This is out in the dining room. There are 3 tables; this is the smallest. One is a long wooden table with benches on each side. One of the features I love here is the tea bar. The tap on the sink has hot water all ready for tea constantly. ..and there are about 20 different types of tea to choose from. Awesome!

Lotus Heart Center Retreat dining area tea bar

This was yesterday morning and I was here planning meals with my laptop. Check out the snow outside. It’s quite beautiful!

Lotus Heart Center Retreat dining area

A sunroom sitting room.

Lotus Heart Center Retreat sunroom

Another sitting room just off the yoga studio. There is a media center in this area also, with lots of great peaceful yoga type music.

Lotus Heart Center Retreat seating area

I took a pic in of a bedrooms. It’s a bed and breakfast, but so much more. There are 4 areas with bedrooms, some have a washroom, some shared. I think there are 30 beds and 15 washrooms in all.

Lotus Heart Center Retreat bedroom

Dinner last night was this stir fry with black bean sauce, brown basmati rice..

Lotus Heart Center Retreat stir fry vegetables

and these salads with Sesame Ginger dressing.

Lotus Heart Center Retreat salad

Andre is happy to have green smoothies (Yay!!) and as he was drinking it last night at dinner, Wind Eagle (I will tell you about her later, amazing beautiful very high vibe woman putting on the retreat) saw him and put in a request for one this morning (Yay again!!). Then to make things even better, someone else requested one for tomorrow morning. So now we are going to serve them with breakfast. Love that!! I’m making them anyway, but it’s so wonderful to share with everyone.

green smoothies

Ok, heading back to the kitchen. I’ll post in again in a few days, when I have enough time to! If I am not here, you’ll know where I am, in the kitchen making LOTS of food!


With love,


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  • Stephanie

    Robin thank you for the AMAZING meals you prepared for us . We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Lotus Centre. Meal times were made all the more special by your delicious and healthful dishes….I’m STILL thinking about that apple cinnamon oatmeal!!!

    With the warmest hugs,

    • Stephanie, what an absolute pleasure it was to meet you! You are such a gorgeous bright light.I am so happy we got a chance to connect, and have dinner together! So happy you found me here, yay! Big hugs back to you, ..and pleas give my best to Beyanne (s/p?) too!!