Papaya Bowls and Granola Chia Parfait Recipe


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Today I have more of a breakfast, or dessert, idea for you rather than an actual recipe. A few ideas actually and a few variations on these papaya bowls and granola chia parfaits too. Andre came up with both of these at the Lotus Heart while I was there. He’s a master with mixing and matching complimentary flavors and textures. And although the flavors are delicious together, I think it is the texture combination of crunch and silky smooth with juicy fruit that makes these layered dishes really work. 


Andre making the Papaya Bowls


Key Ingredients


The one ingredient that I think really makes these layered dishes work is the granola. Granola has a wonderful crunch, and the teste and texture bring out the fruit and smooth cream layers. I LOVE my granola recipe! It’s raw and delicious. Of course a couple other options are to buy and use a high quality pre-made granola or to make a fresh muesli by chopping up nuts, pecans and walnuts would work great, and mix with some dried fruit and toss with a little maple or coconut sugar and syrup.

Vanilla Cream

For the cream layer I have a recipe for a Vanilla Cashew Cream and a different Berry Granola Parfait that I posted with it here.  You could also use Coconut Yogurt. And, Oh! ~ inspiration flash ~ how about  Vanilla Ice Cream?!! But you’d have to keep them frozen until serving.

I have a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe that I share with my newsletter subscribers in my ’20 Quick and Easy to Make Raw Recipes’ ebook. This is a very favorite recipe that I make often and a great base for making lots of ice cream flavors. If you don’t have it, you can get the ebook with many of my favorite recipes by signing up here.


We used berries a lot as we all love them and they went well with vanilla flavored cream. Another idea to change it up would be putting tropical fruit, like mango and pineapple with a coconut flavored yogurt, cream or ice cream. You could add some coconut flakes to the granola mixture and sprinle a bt on top too. So many possibilities!!


Granola Papaya Bowls


Papaya Bowls


4 small Papayas
2 cups Granola, 1/4 cup each serving
2 cups Vanilla Cream, or Vanilla Coconut Yogurt
8 beautiful Strawberries, and more to garnish if desired


Half each papaya and scoop the seeds out. Slice about an inch from the end so that the papaya will sit up in a bowl. Fill the cavity of the papaya with granola or your favorite crunchy cereal. Top with vanilla cream or coconut yogurt and top with strawberries or favrite fruit.

Makes 8 papaya bowls.


Granola Chia Breakfast Parfaits ready


Granola Chia Breakfast Parfaits  Recipe


2 cups of Chia Pudding – a quarter cup per serving
2 cups of Granola – a quarter cup per serving
2 cups of Vanilla Cream – a quarter cup per serving
2 cups of Berries or favorite fruit – chopped, a quarter cup per serving


In the bottom of a mason jar or bowl place a quarter cup of chia pudding. Layer this with a quarter cup of granola. Then add a layer of vanilla cream and top with favorite fruit.

Makes 8 parfaits.


Granola Chia Breakfast Parfaits Recipe being made


Granola Chia Breakfast Parfaits Recipe


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  • Virginie Herserange

    Looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to give it a try, been waiting for Spring fruits to arrive like crazy!

    • Thanks Virginie! I agree, and wish that papayas were local!! 😉