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Natural Health Therapies - Green Cleanses


Why a Green Cleanse?

About Green Cleanses and Tips to help you get the most out of them

Planning a Cleanse and What is a Healing Crisis

Before your Cleanse

After your Cleanse

2 Day Green Cleanse Menu Plan
Day 1 of the 2 day green cleanse
Day 2 of the 2 day green cleanse

5 Day Green Cleanse Plan Overview
Day 1 of the 5 day green cleanse
Day 2 of the 5 day green cleanse
Day 3 of the 5 day green cleanse
Day 4 of the 5 day green cleanse
Day 5 of the 5 day green cleanse


Natural Health Therapies - Juicing and Sprouting


Green Juices and Chlorophyll with 4 delicious recipes

10 Benefits of Juicing and 3 veggie juice recipes

Full Course on Sprouting at Home


Natural Health Therapies and Strategies




Dry Skin Brushing

Blue Solar Water


10 Benefits of Deep Breathing and How to Breathe Correctly

Epsom, Mineral, Mud and other Therapy Baths

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques

Positive Affirmations

Subliminal audios to reprogram your subconscious mind


Skin Therapy All Natural Face Cream Recipe

Adaptogenic Herbs

Ho’oponopono – Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique

Raise your Vibration –  Live Your Most High Vibe Life