Movement Mosaic Bodyweight Workout est 16 min


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This bodyweight workout is a time challenge workout that took me just over 15 minutes to complete. It’s a full body workout that will lean out, tone and strengthen your body. There are some burpees – not too many, and it is filled with exercises that make squats, lunges, planks and push ups fun. It changes up enough to keep your mind engaged so that the time flies by fast. 

I did this workout before. It was an early one and there is a video that goes through all the exercises. It can be found here.  All you need – besides the workout breakdown, know how and motivation – is a stop watch or timer to keep track of your time.

Come join me for another workout!


Movement Mosaic Bodyweight Workout


Movement Mosaic Bodyweight Workout

Workout Breakdown

9 Burpees
20 Dynamic Squats
12 Reptile Push ups
20 Lateral Side Lunges
10 One leg Burpees
20 Side Plank Mill alternate sides
12 Walk out to Push up
20 Side to Side Squats
9 Burpees


Links to Exercise Videos

Dynamic Squats
Reptile Push ups
Lateral Side Lunges
One Leg Burpees
Side Plank Mill
Walk out to Push up
Side to Side Squats

See the whole workout video from my previous post or from YouTube.


Have a great workout!

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