Move over French Fries, Here come the Jicama Fries!


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I love jicama fries! They are a little different than french fries in their texture but they are delicious and totally satisfy that salty, crunchy, fried craving you may get every once in awhile. As long as you realize that it is not an exact substitute and to expect a bit of a different texture, then you may find yourself craving these after trying them the first time instead. They are super healthy if you are comparing them to anything deep fried, but are they the healthiest thing on the raw foods menu.. maybe not. Nothing beats greens imho, but that being said.. if you can stop at just one plateful, and combine them with other healthy foods, then these fries totally rock!!  

By the way, for the record I need to say that it drives me a little crazy now to hear me say it in the English way, pronouncing the J. I learned Spanish in the last few years and as jicama is more of a Central and South American vegetable and also used a lot in Mexican cuisine, it really seems like it should be pronounced more in the Spanish way: ‘hicama’. Anyway, that’s totally besides the point to the recipe. I just needed to say it.

Jicama is a really awesome vegetable to use but not always so easily found in Canada. In the larger cities you can usually find it in Asian Supermarkets and stores. Keep an eye out for it to try this awesome recipe!


Jicama Fries Recipe


4 c Jicama – peeled
¼ c Olive oil
¼ c Sun-dried Tomato powder
1 t each of Onion Powder, Garlic Powder and Salt
½ t each of Chili, Cumin and Cayenne


Grind sun-dried tomatoes in a spice (coffee) grinder to make sun-dried tomato powder. Mix this with spices and oil. Cut the peeled jicama into long fry shaped slices, but make them larger than you would fries as they will shrink about half their size in the dehydrator, so cut them about a half inch wide. Put the jicama slices in a bowl and sprinkle the spice mixture over them. Then toss well to coat each side well. Place slices on mesh sheets and dehydrate for about 12 hours.


How to make Jicama Fries on video


Jicama Fries Photos


Jicama Fries ingredients

Jicama peeled, cut, seasoned and dehydrated

Jicama Fries on mesh screen dehydrated

Jicama in a bowl, ready to eat

Jicama Fries


I love Jicama Fries! Raw healthy comfort food that tastes great!


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