Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe


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This is my Thanksgiving day green juice recipe. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada and to celebrate I filled this juice with lots of garden harvest produce.  Of course it had cranberries as we have such a surplus of these right now. A friend who grows them nearby recently dropped off a huge bag. We’ll be freezing most for the winter; Mom loves to add them to our green smoothies. But yesterday they went into our juice, and it was delicious!

Carrots and apples help to sweeten the juice and balance any bitterness of the cranberries and greens. The ginger adds some spicy pizzazz. Add as much as you like!


Morning Buzz Green Juice Recip


Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe

4 to 6 Kale leaves
1 to 2 cups Spinach
2 Apples
2 Carrots
1 cup Cranberry


Juicing photos

Prep the ingredients

Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe - ingredients

Juice it all together.

Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe - juicing

I was getting some crazy images in my head with the photos. Maybe it was the juice!?

Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe

Do these look slightly risque? ..or is it just me? I guess that’s what happens when you get closer to nature. Makes sense tho, don’t you think. And more reason to drink up! Wink

 Morning Buzz Green Juice Recipe

Cheers, to your fantastic health!


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