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Hi and Welcome!

Want to get healthy with me?

I’d love to help you achieve a body and a lifestyle you love through healthy eating.

Life is busy. It can be hard to find time to eat healthy. Juggling work, family, social lives and running a home can leave us feeling stressed and tired by the end of the day.

I know.


I’m Robin Gregory, and I want to help you get healthy.

My story and Why I care

My passion for herbs and natural healthy living went full tilt when my sister in law discovered that she had advanced breast cancer and decided to try eating raw. Judith was my age. She was intelligent, creative, dynamic and highly accomplished. Her passing left my only brother with two small children and was a huge tragedy for our family. Sadly, Judith didn’t have enough time to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but her story definitely changed mine.

Since then I lost several other family members and friends to cancer and other diseases, which I feel could have been prevented, or at least greatly lessened, by eating the proper foods and adopting a healthier way of living.

My mission is to make healthy eating as easy, fun and delicious as possible!

I have been working with raw foods, developing recipes and menus for over 10 years. I spent several years at Toronto Sprouts, where we grew sprouts commercially, distributed to major food chains and grew wheatgrass for Toronto’s top juice bars. I’ve developed, open and run successful raw food restaurants. From traditional to exotic world cuisines, my specialty is transforming unhealthy cooked food recipes to much healthier versions that taste great.

I have worked with a great diversity of people, some struggling with health challenges, some detoxing via cleanses and others changing their life with raw foods. This is my passion. I’ve studied hundreds of books on alternative health and raw foods, I research incessantly and have worked with many well-known raw food chefs and gurus in the industry.

I can make a difference in your life!

For me, eating raw felt like going from ho-hum average to a super active, energetic, radiant being filled with enthusiasm and passion.

My body was rejuvenated and looked and felt better than in my 30’s and even 20’s! I turned 50 last year and love that I can move easily, am comfortable in my body and still feel youthful and vibrant.

It feels great to know you are doing the best for your body to protect it. Healthy eating is better than insurance.


 Join me and I’ll help you to:

  • Get a healthier, rejuvenated body that feels great to live in
  • Reach your optimal weight
  • Gain loads of energy (soon you will be looking for a new project!)
  • Become mentally clear and focused
  • Be happier
  • Feel a sense of connection, and purpose in life
  • Make food so delicious that you may entice your loved ones to join you as well!
  • See how making healthy food is easier than you thought
  • Make sense out of the conflicting theories in the raw food world
  • Program your subconscious so that you automatically make healthier decisions
  • Make healthy eating fun and easy!

We all know how challenging it is to stick with a healthy diet. That’s why I’ve created and collected empowering strategies to re-program the mind, so you can overcome unhealthy influences and addictions. When your mind is on track with your actions, you will love living a healthy lifestyle and life will become rich and meaningful.

I believe that vibrantly healthy people have the ability to brighten, heal and elevate the world.


Ready to change your life?

Check out my raw food recipe books and subliminal and hypnosis cd’s here.

I am working on a new project now to work closer with you to make healthy eating and empowered lifestyle habits that last, and to make them easy, and fun – because they have to be fun! I’ll let you know more as it evolves.

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Peace, love and glowing health,