Mango Tango Green Juice Recipe


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I love mango juice! Although if you’ve ever juiced a mango, you will know that the juice from it can be quite thick. Some fruits are harder than others to juice, like strawberries and mangos. However, they are both in this green juice recipe because despite the thicker smoothie-like juice that you get from these less watery fruits, the taste is amazing. They transform the taste of this green juice into pure deliciousness. 

Some people avoid juicing strawberries and mangoes all together. I get it, it’s easier to juice other fruits, and generally you get more juice from watery fruits. However for a change, mango and strawberry both taste incredible and can really add to the flavor. I also find a little goes a long way. For this green juice recipe, I actually juiced raspberries, although either raspberries or strawberries would taste awesome here, and I combined them with an orange, which goes great with both flavors.

Fruit and greens together in a juice taste great, and this is a very delicious one!


Mango Tango Green Juice Recipe


Mango Tango Green Juice Recipe

2 cups Spinach
½ head Romaine
½ cup Raspberries
1 Orange
½ Mango

note: even though the photo is of strawberries, I actually juiced raspberries. Both, or either, would taste great in this juice!


Juicing photos

Prep the ingredients.

Mango Tango Green Juice - ingredients

Then juice them..

 Mango Tango Green Juice - juicing

..and Enjoy!


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