How to make Bath Bombs and Easy Bath Bomb Recipe


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Today’s project is how to make bath bombs. This easy bath bomb recipe is very easy to make at home. Bath bombs make great gifts and these are so much less expensive to make at home than to buy from a store. Also, when you get this basic recipe down and learn how to make bath bombs at home, then you can then add other fun colors, scents, sparkles, oils or whatever you like, to create a wonderfully sensual bath experience. Making bath bombs is a great project for kids too! 

I researched the recipe and collected the ingredients but then sat back and let my two nieces, Amethyste and Emily, do all the work. I just took a few pictures during the action. They did it completely themselves and they turned out amazing and so I want to share with you. I also plan on trying this out again myself, and maybe adding Epsom salts and perhaps shea or coconut butter this time, to test. But these original ones made by the girls are so easy to make and they turned out amazing, so I want to share the recipe and process so you can join us in the fun.

These are great to add to your Epsom salt or other therapy bath!


Easy Bath Bomb Recipe


2 cups Cornstarch
1 ½ cups Baking Soda
1 cup Citric Acid*
Food coloring
Essential oils
Spray bottle
Molds, or muffin tins

*Citric acid is available at many bulk stores. I found it at 2 places locally, the Bulk Barn had it prepackaged and it was quite expensive there, but then I found it in bulk at my local health food store (Corn Crib) at a much lower price.  You can get it at an even better price from the Amazon link below. I will add this link to my Resource page too.
Citric Acid, 2 lb – Food Grade, Organic, Non-GMO


Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Put water along with a few drops of your coloring in a spray bottle.  Transfer a cup of the dry mixture to a smaller bowl and mix while spraying water on the mixture. You only need enough water to dampen the mixture so that it holds together when firmly squeezed tight. The spray will help you add the water slowly so that the mixture not get too wet. If it gets too wet it will start to fizz and lose its bath bomb fizzing power. They also won’t hold together well in the mold, so just add as much as necessary to pack it together. Then before molding, add the essential oils and mix in. Now pack it gently into muffin tins or molds. Press in tight and then allow these to dry for a few hours. Continue mixing up small batches and forming your bath bombs until the mixture is all gone. After they are dry pop them out of the molds.

Note on Molds

As we used metal muffin tins we turned them over and banged down on a board and they came out easily. Rubber muffin, small cake or soap molds would all work great to mold your bath bombs. You can also get the sphere molds and pack each side, then press them tightly together to make round bath bombs.


Photos of how to make Bath Bombs

Have all your ingredients assembled and mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 1 - measuring out ingredients

Transfer 1 cup of the dry mixture into a smaller bowl and spray to moisten the dry ingredients.

How to make Bath bombs 2 - mixing

Mix in the essential oils after mixture is just damp enough to pack together.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 3 - mixing yellow

One batch got too wet. You can see how it foamed up even when they were in the mold. Fun, but we tossed these. Be careful to not add too much water, and to have your molds dry before adding the bath bomb mixture in.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 5 - trays filled - too wet

Mixing the next batch.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 6 - making blue bombs

Packing the bath bombs into muffin tins.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 8 - molding bath bombs

Let dry and then turn over and bang down on a hard surface to remove from tins, or pop out of rubber molds if you have them.

How to make Bath bombs recipe 10 - finished yellow

These ones turned out the best!

How to make Bath bombs recipe 11 - finished blue

Thanks for joining us making bath bombs. If you make some too, let me know how yours turned out!

With love,


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