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I woke up this morning with a tingly throat, borderline sore. I could feel it coming yesterday too but I ignored it as I rarely ever get a cold thinking it would just go away. It’s getting really cold here in Canada and all of a sudden this week I am staying indoors a lot more than I’m used to with the heat on and I’ve realized that I have not been drinking enough water. Lack of fresh air and dehydrated and I feel the virus at work.. yikes!! But no fear because I am feeling confident enough that my incredible cold remedy will work its magic that I am posting day of, today .. and I will update tomorrow and the next day with how I am feeling. 

Ok, so you have a cold and want to get rid of it fast. This works best if it is in the early stages..but anytime you have a cold and do this it will help to fight the virus off. This may seem simple, and it is, but it works.

#1 Drink a lot of water. it is proven that virus germs attach themselves to water and not to fat molecules so there is a good reason for drinking lots. I used to think I could almost wash away a virus if I got one before. and it turns out that that’s exactly what I was doing.  So drink a lot!! least 3 liters during the day.

#2 Eat garlic. Garlic is amazing. It is so common and inexpensive that many people under-estimate just how powerful it is. It is antibacterial and kills Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and lots of other bad bacteria while leaving alone the friendly bacteria, like Lactobacillus, that we want in our bodies. Awesome! Garlic also kills parasites, fungi and what we are concerned with right now – viruses!! It’s antiviral action fights influenza A and B, rhinovirus, HIV, herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 , viruses associated with pneumonia and lots more.  Studies have proven it works against colds so this is no real news. But I will show you how to use it to stop the virus quickly.

#3 Take the garlic with honey. Honey is also proven to be effective against viruses. In a study of 60 people who were caught within the first 24 hours of catching a cold, half were given 2 ounces (aprox 4 Tablespoons) of honey each day for 2 days. The researchers did not know who took it and the results came back that the honey group had shortened their cold, as well as the discomfort of the cold, by two thirds! Ok, that’s great, but to be honest I believe more in the water and garlic and honey just tastes great and helps to get the garlic down.


The Incredible Cold Remedy – How to take it

(Not for the faint of stomach. Yes, you have to eat raw garlic, straight up)


Cold Remedy


Chop up a garlic clove and put on a spoon. Have another spoon ready for honey, or with honey on it.  This is a little like the tequila formula.  Put the garlic in your mouth and chew a few times if you can handle it, if not just swallow, and then chase with water – a lot of water!  and follow up with a spoonful of honey.

Do this 2 times during the day: first thing in the morning (or as early as you can handle it) and then in the afternoon. You can do it 3 times if you have a strong stomach; it’s powerful stuff!

Remember to drink lots of water to wash the virus out!

..and I will update tomorrow with how I am feeling. Oh, and btw, I’m taking a rest day from workouts to give my body extra fighting strength! I am feeling confident that it will be gone in the morning and I promise to tell the truth. ; )


Update Nov 8 almost midnight: I have been going all day – no sign of cold, at all! Not a sniffle. I felt great & did my workout, just a short one but did 20 burpees – crazy ones in Excellent Workout – in 4 minutes this afternoon, and 200 abs after. I am wide awake, energetic and feel on top of my game. Yesterday morning my throat was sore, last night I was blowing my nose and tonight I am 100%. Seriously, it works.

The only other thing I took yesterday was chlorella. I took 10 tabs of it in the morning and again in the afternoon. I take this regularly (sometimes) but I just upped the amount. Other than that I ate the same, not even exceptionally good.. I mean I always eat good, but average good for me.

I have to add something else. I tell my friends ‘take garlic, drink water’ and they say ‘Oh, I couldn’t eat garlic raw’ and then they suffer with a cold for weeks. Trust me.. eating raw garlic is not that bad.  It’s just garlic and water!!  No one needs to have a cold if you have a healthy immune system and a couple of garlic cloves. I hope if you read this you appreciate this advice when a virus strikes as much as I do!  Share this knowledge – everyone needs to get on the anti-cold bandwagon!!


To your optimal health!

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Robin,
    I just tried this “recipe” which I think made me feel immediately better. However, I have the problem now that I smell really intensely of garlic now. And I will meet lots of people later this day. Any tips for this?