How to Burpee and 10 Awesome Burpee Variations


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I am convinced that burpees are the best full body exercise there is to really tone and shape the body quickly. Studes have confirmed it, and thousands of people know, that burpees and HIIT workouts in general with their quick bursts of action boost the metabolism, slimming the body while at the same time building muscle.

However, while the burpee may be the miracle exercise you are looking for, the truth is that these bad boys are tough! Even when you are in a routine of doing them regularly, and I really was in the past few years, it still can be intimidating when you face a workout with lots of them in it.

The good news is that strength builds quickly and you can start just doing a few here and there, or walk your way through them. Do them at your own pace. Listen to your body. But if you want that one magic exercise that will get you bikini body ready quick – this is it.


What is a Burpee?

I’ve been asked this often, but haven’t formally answered it. So finally, for anyone wondering what it is and what’s the big deal – this is what it is. The burpee really is more than an exercise as it’s a series of exercises put together.

It combines a squat – one of the best lower body/leg exercises – with a push up – one of the best upper body/arm exercises – and ends with a jump at the end, which some people say is the most crucial part to the burpee. There are lots of different views on what makes the burpee so effective to really slim down, yet shape and build muscle so effectively. I suspect it’s the whole combination of all the dynamic movement working together.

How to Do and Modify the Burpee

Jump around! ( ..jump up, jump up, and get down!)

Think of when you were a kid and jumped around and moved a lot. Sadly, when we get older sometimes we just don’t move as much anymore. Most of us are not climbing and swinging from monkey bars like we used to. Is it any wonder our metabolism slows down. It could be age, but I suspect a lot of it has to do with us slowing down. The amazing and wonderful thing with the burpee is that doing just 10 burpees will realy boost your metabolism, and keep it revved for hours afterwards. Do a few burpees throughout the day and you will slim down and shape up in no time!


How to Burpee

How to Burpee

To do a burpee: start standing with feet hip width apart, squat down and place your hands on ground in front of you, jump legs back into plank position, do a push up, jump legs back in and jump up in the air. Some think the jump at the end is a real key to the burpees effectiveness, so to make the most of it, really power up into the jump and jump as high as you can.

10 Awesome Burpee Variations

I posted a burpee challenge in my latest newsletter and included links to 10 of my favorite burpee combinations. For those of you who like to change it up, or to see how they are done in action, click the links below to see my 10 all time favorite burpees!

1. One Leg Burpee  Warning: these are so much tougher than they look!
2. Knee Tuck Burpee
3. Crosed Leg Burpee
4. Reptile Push Up Burpee  I love these. Well, as much as you can love a burpee!!
5. T Push up Burpee
6. Hop Over Burpee
7. Roll Over Crab Toe Touch Burpee  What!!? Oh yes, it’s a burpee!
8. 3 Point Plank Jump Burpee
9. Grasshopper Kick Toe Touch Burpee
10. Roll Back and Up to Standing Burpee  another favorite burpee. ..but all the ones listed here are!


Hope you get inspired to burpee your way to a fantastic body you love!

With Love and Burpees,



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