High Park and a Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe


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High Park

My friend asked me this morning “What would it take you to go raw again?” a commitment I said. And I feel almost ready for one. I have to admit that I loved how I felt when I ate all raw. However, cooked food is fun and I am enjoying what I consider an intermission into cooked foods. I am really enjoying the process of making them as healthy, flavorful and delicious as I can, as well as finding lots of great ways to get in as many vegetables as possible.

And what does all this have to do with High Park? Well, maybe not a lot except that we mentioned having a raw pot luck party in the park where we just get everyone to meet under a big tree. (Want to join us?) ..and we’ve been going for some great walks in the city and High Park is a favorite spot. I used to live right across from High Park about 7 years ago.

High Park photos

Come for a walk with me.

High Park

And sit and cool down, put your feet in the pool. It was fun just sitting and watching a child and dog play.

High Park


High Park


High Park

So peaceful.

High Park

The tree skyline..

High Park

nice walking trails..

High Park

and places to relax..

High Park


High Park

and play!

High Park

ok, after all that walking – dinner time!

Sometimes I find an ineresting new ingredient that intrigues me and I love to use it with what I have to create a new recipe. Today’s new ingredient was one that I had never really noticed before, but once I did, I started seeing it everywhere. It’s a Red Pepper sauce, which I saw in a Portuguese grocery store up the street.. and everywhere else once I discovered it there.

Red Pepper Sauce

This Red Pepper Sauce, also known as Pimenta Moida, is used throughout all of Portugal, and especially the Azores, which is where my brother in law and his family are from. I remember this sauce vaguely as being a ‘secret’ ingredient to his amazing food but I was never quite sure what it was he was using.  This sauce is essential to Portuguese marinades and sauces. I bought it already bottled, but my next job will be to make it myself.

This is how I used it with what I had. The veggies are optional, as are the chickpeas. You can use what you have on hand. The flavor was amazing!

Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe 5


Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe


3 Zucchini – halved or quartered lengthwise and sliced
3 baby Eggplant – halved or quartered lengthwise and sliced
4 Japanese Eggplant – halved or quartered lengthwise and sliced
2 cups Mushrooms – sliced or quartered
1 large cooking Onion – chopped
1 Red Pepper – chopped
1 Tbsp Olive oil
2 large Garlic cloves – minced
3/4 cup Red Pepper Sauce
2 Tbsp Pesto
2 cups cooked Chickpeas (or other beans or lentils)
1 Tbsp Basil leaves
2 Bay leaves
2 tsp Onion powder
1 tsp Black Pepper


In a large pot add the olive oil and all of the chopped vegetables and place over medium high heat. Stir until vegetables are starting to soften and then add the red pepper sauce and pesto along with the spices. Then add the chickpeas and stir all together. Cook for another 5 to 10 minutes to combine and heat through.


Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe Photos

Add all of the chopped veggies and garlic along with a little olive oil to a pot and set over medium high heat.

Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe 1

Saute until soft.

Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe 2

Add the red pepper sauce and pesto.

Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe 3

Add spices and chickpeas.

Pesto P4pper Pot Recipe 1

Stir and heat all together.

Pesto Pepper Pot Recipe 5Everyone loved this combo! It’s a great base with the sauce, pesto and spices that you can change up easily with whatever vegetables you have on hand.



To your glowing health, with love,

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