Herbed Couscous Recipe with Cauliflower Couscous


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This herbed couscous recipe is a raw food recipe that has no grain in it. Cauliflower couscous is very easy to make, and so nutritious! Cauliflower floretes are simply processed to resemble couscous. I have lots of photos, so I can virtually bring you into the kitchen with me to show you just how to do it.  Then the couscous is flavored with herbs and pine nuts and spices for a wonderful savory taste.

I love fresh herbs and often have lots growing in our garden. However, our growing season here in Canada is not long. It’s springtime right now and fresh herbs are harder to come by and quite expensive in the stores. I will show you how to make this even if you don’t have an abundance of fresh herbs, by using dried. Fresh is best, but we can make a pretty good substitute with dried. Come with me into the kitchen!




Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe


1 small head Cauliflower (4 cups)
½ cup Pine nuts
2 Green Onions
½ cup fresh Herbs – chopped
1 bunch Parsley
½ Lemon – juiced
1 Garlic clove
1 Tbsp Nama Shoyu
¼ cup Olive Oil
1 tsp Paprika, Cumin and Salt
½ tsp Black Pepper


Process the cauliflower florettes in a food processor until they are in little couscous sized bits. I pulse chop them near the end of processing. By starting and stopping the food processor, you will allow the bigger chunks to fall down to the bottom to get caught by the blades and this will enable them to get chopped more evenly into a uniform size. This step may need to be done in 2 batches if you have a smaller processor.

Transfer the cauliflower couscous to a bowl and process the rest of the ingredients together until in small pieces as well. transfer this mixture to the bowl with the cauliflower couscous and mix all together.

This makes a large batch. Half the recipe to make a smaller batch.


Optional ingredients – Change it up

Couscous is also great with chopped up leeks or red onion instead of the green onions.

Adding chopped carrots and red and/or yellow peppers give great color.

The herbs chosen will create the main flavor of this dish. Try lots of Basil and Chives and a lesser amount of Thyme, Rosemary and/or Savory, as available. It’s safer to go lighter on the stronger flavored herbs such as Oregano, Cilantro or Mint. You can experiment slowly by gradually adding herbs and tasting as you go. Try experimenting with other herbs also. Cilantro, Chives and Dill are great in this.


Photo Description

Assemble ingredients

This was my modification for fresh herbs. I found a bottle of dried mixed herbs and it worked quite well, as well as a big bunch of parsley, which we can get easily year round.

Use less of the dried herbs, as the flavor can be concentrated. I used about 3 Tablespoons.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe ingredients

Chop the cauliflower into floretes. I didn’t use the stalk, but saved it for another recipe.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe cauliflower chopped

Put the florettes into the food processor.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe cauliflower in processor

Process until it is in couscous sized pieces. Pulse chop, by stopping and starting the processor over and over a few times, to help get more uniform size small pieces.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe cauliflower processed

Transfer cauliflower couscous to bowl and add the rest of the ingredients to the processor.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe rest of ingredients in processor

Process the rest of the ingredients until they are also in small pieces.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe rest of ingredients processed

Add these processed ingredients to the cauliflower couscous in bowl. I forgot the lemon juice so I added it now.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe rest of ingredients in bowl with lemon

Mix it all together.

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe ingredients mixed

It’s ready to serve!

Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Recipe in a bowl


Enjoy! To your optimal health!

Peace, love and happiness, Robin



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  • Verria

    Looks yummy. I’ve a head of cauliflower in the fridge so I’m going to try this one soon. You said you kept your stalk for use in another recipe. I always through away my stalks (cauliflower and broccoli) because I don’t know what to do with them. Can you post recipes using stalks to give me and others like me a few ideas? Thanks for the great recipes. Keep ’em comin’

    • Thanks Verria, Nice to hear from you! A couple great ways to use the stalks are.. in raw food recipes I often use them ground up in crackers. The vegetables in dehydrated crackers are interchangeable, so instead of carrots or zucchini you can add these. Broccoli is good close to the florets but down when it starts to get tougher you can still use some by peeling the outer layer. It’s the softer and more tender inside. These can be used in the Nutmeat patties recipe I have posted, or any savory vegetable recipe, like Vegetables in Ginger Tamarind Sauce. For cooked they are great added to stir fry’s.
      Have a great day!!