Healthy Holiday Eating Tips – Feel Great After the Festivities!


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Here are some great tips to help you stay healthy and feel energized while enjoying all the food and festivities this holiday season.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Eat regular meals. Skipping meals can lead to overeating.

Drink lots of water, stay hydrated. Add lemon to your water to help alkalise your body and boost your digestive fire.

Plan for success. Make sure there are favorite healthy options available for holiday meals.

Set your intention early in the day and visualize how you would like to feel after eating your holiday meal.

Eat a protein-packed snack an hour before your holiday meal.

Drink a large glass of water before eating.

Make this your mantra:  ‘Eat the best, leave the rest’.

Scan the spread carefully forst before putting anything on your plate. Avoid rich sauces and dressings.

Enjoy your favorite holiday dishes and snacks that are only available seasonally, but take smaller portions. Use smaller plates and use those psychological tricks (they work!). Avoid unhealthy foods that are available year round anyway.

Start with soup, fresh vegetables, or salad. Avoid sweet appetizers that could start a craving. Avoid breads and refined flour pasteries.

Think color! Make your plate truly festiive looking with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Learn to say “No Thank You”

Have just a taste. No deprivation. You can have anything you want, but to keep it healthy, keep unhealthy foods in moderation.

Watch the drinks! Calories from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can add up quickly.

Eat mindfully and consciously, enjoying the arrangement and colors on your plate. Enjoy the flavor of each bite.

Chew well and put your fork down between bites.

and finally..

Get active!  Balance out those extra calories with some activity. Long walks, burpees, rebounding.. every bit counts. Getting active is great for your heart and whole body, both physically and emotionally. Start with 10 minutes, and then just add 5 or 10 minutes here and there throughout your day. It all adds up!


What’s your Favorite Healthy Eating Tip?

How do you make it through the holidays and feel your best after all the fun?


Wishing you a Happy Healthy Holidays!!

With love, from our home to yours,



Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

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