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This healthy breakfast recipe, Buckwheaties, is a raw cereal made from a very nutritious seed that is sprouted and dehydrated. Many think of buckwheat as a grain, but it is actually a fruit seed and despite its name has no relation to wheat at all. Many people who are intolerant to wheat and other grains will find comfort in this highly nutritious and energizing grain-like seed. Buckwheat has high levels of valuable minerals, phytonutrients and a surprisingly high level of antioxidants, rivalling and surpassing many fruits and vegetables. 

Buckwheat is a perfect ingredient to create out healthy breakfast recipe with and we will amplify the nutrients by first sprouting the buckwheat. Sprouting seeds is a way to heighten the nutritional content that is in them. Then once at it’s peak of nutritional growth, this is just at, or right before, the tails reach the length of the seed, we will blend our batch of cereal with delicious apples, pecans, coconut and cinnamon and dehydrate it at a low temperature to hold in the vital nutrients.

Health Benefits of Buckwheat

Buckwheat is now being studied and shown to lower cholesterol levels, due to it’s high level of flavonoids, particularly rutin, which also helps blood flow and to keep blood platelets from clumping together. Buckwheat has been shown to balance blood sugar levels and is being studied for use in treating Type II diabetes. Buckwheat’s insoluble fiber is beneficial to help prevent gallstones, among the many other reasons why it is great to consume foods with fiber. These are just a few of the benefits. Buckwheat acts like grains in their more healthy aspects, but it is gluten free, easier to digest and more nutritious.


Buckwheaties Cereal


6 c Buckwheat – sprouted
1 c dried shredded Coconut
1 c Pecans
1 Apple
1 T Cinnamon


Finely chop the pecans and apple in a food processor. Blend with buckwheat, coconut and cinnamon in a bowl. Spread on teflex sheets and dehydrate overnight at 115 degrees, until very dry and crispy. Break into pieces and store in a container in the refrigerator. This will keep well for up to a month.

Note: As you may notice in the photos, I added cacao nibs also to mine.  You can experiment with the ingredients and add or substitute your favorite ones to change it up.

Sometimes I like to add some Buckwheaties in with my Granola as well. The Buckwheaties have a great crunch, but the Granola is my favorite for taste.

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Buckwheaties – Healthy Breakfast Recipe on Video


How to Sprout Buckwheat

For each cup you need sprouted, use 2/3 cup of seed.
Soak Buckwheat for 30 to 60 minutes in a bowl.
After this time pour the Buckwheat into a large metal colander and rinse. The water will be very murky. Keep rinsing, a lot!, until the water runs clear.
Let sit for another 4 to 8 hours and rinse well again.
Let sit for another 4 to 8 hours and rinse well again.
Let sit for another 4 to 8 hours and rinse well again.
Continue this until you have little tails emerging, this tile after you rinse them let them sit for 8 to 12 hours until quite dry. They will store better dry. However, they do not store well for a long time, so try to only make as many as you plan to use right away.


Use Hulled Buckwheat for Sprouting

You can buy buckwheat groats in 2 ways: hulled and unhulled.  Hulled buckwheat is the type we need for sprouting. It has the outer tough encasing removed.  here are pics to clarify.

Hulled buckwheat looks like this, and this is the type we want.

hulled buckwheat

Unhulled looks like this. Don’t get this type for sprouting.

unhulled buckwheat



Buckwheaties Raw Cereal - Healthy Breakfast Recipe in bowl

Above and Below: Undressed and Dressed.

Buckwheaties Raw Cereal - Healthy Breakfast Recipe with almond milk and banana in bowl


Enjoy! To your optimal health!

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  • Verria

    It’s been about 24 hours. Should the room be really warm? That could be the problem as we tend to lean towards keeping the temperature on the cooler side. Not sure if the buckwheat is hulled or not. I’ll have to search online for pics to tell the difference and determine what I have.

  • Verria

    Just checked and mine is hulled….how will that affect the sprouting process?

    • I was afraid of that. The buckwheat should be hulled. I took that for granted I think but will edit this post to clarify that the buckwheat needs to be hulled.

      Sorry Verria, it’s not going to work. I feel bad, but the buckwheat really needs to be the hulled type. It’s the more common ones in health food stores I thin. I will def make sure I clarify that now.

      • also, just fyi, a normal room temperature room is fine. It would have to be very cold or hot to affect the sprouting process. Cold will slow it down, hot can speed it up, but also too hot is not good as they can go bad more quickly. It’s def not that. It is that it is the wrong type of buckwheat. so sorry for your trouble!

        • Verria

          I’m confused….I said my buckwheat is hulled and in your reply you said it wouldn’t work because it had to be hulled……so should it be hulled or unhulled?

          • Verria

            Just re-read the comments and the buckwheat should be unhulled….may want to clarify in your final response. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for your help!

          • Oh, I just got confused as well. You are right, I mixed them up. I inserted in the post the correct buckwheat to use, with pictures 😉 so it is totally clear now. You should have the correct ones, hulled. My apologies. ..and hopefully they have tails emerging. If not, keep going..maybe they are just taking longer. I’m sorry Verria. I hope this clears it up.

  • Verria

    It worked! Thanks for your help.

    • SO happy to hear. Sorry about the confusion! Glad it worked out!!