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The gymboss interval timer is the best timer I have found for doing HIIT workouts. Most of my workouts are done with intervals and so an interval timer is one f the most important pieces of fitness training equipment in my home gym. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been proved to be the most effective type of training for boosting metabolism and burning fat to help you lose weight quickly, while building muscle and strength.

I have seen the effectiveness of HIIT training personally, doing these short fast intense workouts shaped my body, as well as the bodies of many people I know, and did it way quicker than any other fitness training method I have tried.  I found 15 minutes at home can do more than hours of cardio and weight training at the gym.  But a key element of doing these body transforming workouts is having an interval timer.


Gymboss Interval Timer

Most of the workouts on this site are timed using an interval timer.  I use and highly recommend getting a Gymboss timer. It is the best timer I have found to time them.  These timers are very durable, long lasting – they usually last for years and are inexpensive. Mine was under $23, with shipping. Order and it usually arrives in a couple days. They are easy to set, easy to use and the most essential piece of equipment for doing these workouts.

Gymboss interval timer

 To order one and see a list of my favorite home fitness equipment check out my Resource page.

Alternatives to the Gymboss timer

If you do not have a Gymboss, here are some options to get you started:
Downloadable interval timer
Online interval timer
Online stopwatch and count down timer
Gymboss app for iPad, iPhoneand iPad


To your fitness health and training!



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