Green Goddess Spinach Herb Soup


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This is a recipe I created years ago and it still has yet to be improved upon. It’s still a favorite and even if I create others (it’s nice for a change) I keep coming back to this one. I made this the day before yesterday and some skeptics around here were delightfully surprised. Well, I was delighted, especially when yesterday, a day after eating the soup I kep getting sporadic compliments on it. “That green soup was great” I kept hearing. It made me feel good to turn people, who didn’t believe a green soup could taste good, onto it. 

This soup is bursting with nutrients! I believe parsley to be one of the most nutritious greens there is, so I always put in extra. I remember Marie, owner of Toronto Sprouts, telling me before that if you can’t get wheat grass to juice, juice parsley best thing. As well, I’ve heard of many differing folk remedies all centering around parsley for general health and for healing various disorders in the body. So I figure there’s got to be something to that.

We were fortunate to have a garden full of parsley and other herbs to choose from but you can adjust the recipe to best suit you and what you have available.


Green Goddess Spinach Herb Soup


4  cups Spinach
½ Apple
1 Avocado
¼ cup Parsley
½ Lemon – juiced
1 Tbsp Tamari
1 Garlic clove
1 cup Water, or more if needed to adjust consistency
6 Basil leaves
small handful of Chives, or 1 Green Onion
½ tsp fresh or dried Rosemary
1 large fresh Sage leaf or ½ tsp dried Sage
Salt and Cayenne, to taste


Place all ingredients in the blender except avocado, salt and cayenne and blend well. Add Avocado and blend until creamy. Add water if desired to adjust consistency, especially if you have a large avocado as I did.  I like mine quite thick and creamy but still added another half cup of water. Taste and add salt and cayenne if desired.


Description in Pictures

Assemble ingredients.

Spinach Herb Soup ingredients

Place all ingredients except avocado into the blender, and then blend.

Spinach Herb Soup in blender

Add avocado..

Spinach Herb Soup adding avocado

Blend until very smooth and creamy. Check for consistency and if it is too thick add a bit more water.

Spinach Herb Soup blended

Ready to eat.

Spinach Herb Soup in bowl



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