Great Grape Green Juice Recipe


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This juicing month is flying past, only 3 days left! ..and so I am deciding to post a new juice for each of these 3 days to finish off this month of juicing.  I have loved juicing and it has given me lots of energy. I have been busy and am looking forward to posting more food recipes, workouts and other topics too! 

For this green juice recipe, I sweetened (and soured) it up by adding grapefruit and grapes. It really was more sweet than sour, and it was a delicious juice!


Great Grape Green Juice Recipe


Great Grape Green Juice Recipe

3 leaves Kale
½ head Romaine
1 Grapefruit
2 cups Green Grapes
few sprigs of Mint


Juicing photos

Prep the produce.

Great Grape Green Juice - ingredients

To cut up the citrus fruit, I always cut the peel off the ends first. Then if you set it on it’s bottom on the cutting board, it’s easy to cut strips from top to bottom all the way around. (or if it’s easy to peel, just peel and section)

Great Grape Green Juice - peeling cutting grapefruit

Start up the juicer and feed all of the produce in.

Great Grape Green Juice - juicing

..and you’ll end up with a delicious, nutritious and chlorophyll rich green juice!

Great Grape Green Juice Recipe


Cheers! To your health!!



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