Ginger Date Salad Dressing Recipe


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This is one of my favorite salad dressings and it has a lot of soul and history. This was the house dressing used at Toronto Sprouts. It was the only salad dressing we usually had and one that was loved by all. I think Marie, Sprout Mama, first created it and others of us in the kitchen helped with its evolution. It probably evolved and changed until the recipe was finally written down by me. Until that point the recipe was passed down as an oral tradition: “Put in a handful of dates, a pinch of this, smigeon of that, squeeze a couple lemons and fill it up with water to about here and blend, now taste and adjust..”  was how it used to go.. as did many of the recipes in that kitchen. But I made lots of notes and now thankfully tradition is saved. ; )  And Thank you Marie for those wonderful soulful kitchen experiences!!  


..and so, Here it is, our favorite dressing – pure deliciousness!!


Ginger Date Salad Dressing Recipe


1 cup Honey Dates, or 8 Medjool – soaked in water to soften
1 ½” Ginger – chopped
1 Garlic clove – chopped
1 Lemon – juiced
2 Tbsp Tamari or Nama shoyu
¾ c Olive oil
Water (approximately ½-1 cup)
dash Cumin and Salt


Add dates and their soak water, lemon juice, ginger and garlic and blend well at high speed until creamy. Lower to medium speed and while still blending add shoyu, oil, seasonings and water until still thick yet creamy consistency.
This salad dressing keeps well in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


Ginger Date Salad Dressing Recipe on Video





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  • Isabelle

    Made this dressing a few times and it’s one of my favorites! Bursting with flavor and so good for you 🙂

    • So happy to hear Isabelle! ..and now I am having a craving for it and will have to go make some too! Cheers!

  • Vibeke Kale Vale

    I love your videos. They are as authentic as you. <3

    • Hey Vibeke! Not sure how I missed this before.. but thank you. Such a nice comment!! Hugs and thanks 🙂

  • collin

    made this today and it was just what i was looking for, good stuff!!! thank you!