Gifts from the Earth Cereal Recipe


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This raw fruit and nut cereal is a wonderful mixture from the bounty of Mother Nature.  The ingredients in this recipe have been tested and taste delicious together but this is a recipe that you can really have fun with and change up. Use fruits that are in season or local and easily accessible to you. Or you can make it tropical by adding or substituting mango and pineapple and using macadamia and cashew nuts. You can add cacao nibs or blueberries; the variations are endless, but use this recipe as a base as this combination together tastes fantastic! 


Gifts of the Earth Cereal


1 c Banana – sliced or chopped
1 c Apple – cored and sliced or chopped
1 c Pear (or Peach) – cored and sliced or chopped
½ c Strawberries
½ c Walnuts – chopped
½ c Pecans – chopped
½ c Almonds – chopped
¼ c Hemp seeds
¼ c dried shredded Coconut
¼ c Golden Raisins
¼ c Dried Cranberries
¼ c Goji Berries
2 T Maple Sugar – optional, but it really adds to the deliciousness
½  t Cinnamon


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  It is delicious served just like this or you can pour a little Almond Milk on top to serve.

If you are not eating or serving this right away, store in the fridge. It should be eaten within 1-2 days, mainly for appearances as the fruit will start to wilt and not look as nice. Fruit is most nutritious eaten as soon as possible after cutting it up so best made and eaten same day.


Gifts from the Earth Cereal



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