Full Course on Sprouting at Home


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Mixed Sprouts

This full course on sprouting at home teaches you everything you need to know grow your own sprouts, whether grown in soil or hydroponic, grown in water.

Trefor Randall, the Sprouting Guru, who was head of production at Toronto Sprouts for many years shares his sprouting wisdom and experience with us. In these videos Trefor shows all of the necessary equipment, seeds and know how needed to successfully grow your own sprouts at home.  

Sprouting at Home Course

This is the best – full and detailed – sprouting course I have come across.  It was previously only available by taking a course in person from Trefor, or by purchasing the video. This course on sprouting at home was initially made for people who wanted to learn to sprout with him but couldn’t make it to Toronto to take his classes. I now have been given permission to share it freely with all of you! If you are interested in seriously getting into sprouting, this course will teach you everything you need to know to sprout at home and get great results.

Sprouts are one of the most nutritional foods we can consume. Studies have proven that sprouts have more phytonutrients per calorie than any other food and that phytonutrients play a big part in healing and preventing disease in the body.  These little baby plants are abundant in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and are energetically rich, as seen in Kirlian photography, which shows the energy fields of living things.

Home sprouting can provide luscious fresh food at a fraction of the cost than buying from grocers. Sprouting at home takes only a few minutes a day, and can provide a good part of your daily nutritional requirements. It’s environmentally friendly and always in season. The hassles are minor, the cost is low, the freshness is amazing and the nutritional benefits are abundant. Enjoy the sprouting at home course and learn from a true sprouting master!


Hands on Sprouting

The Full Course on Sprouting at Home

I have remade the original DVD presentation into 5 Youtube videos to be able to share it with you. If you are unable to buy fresh sprouts, this course will teach you everything you need to know to grow your own nutritious, fresh, tasty sprouts at home!


Racks and trays of sunflower sprouts growing at Toronto Sprouts

Sprouting at Home sunflower sprouts Toronto sprouts


Racks and trays of wheatgrass growing at Toronto Sprouts.

Sprouting at home - racks at Toronto sprouts


Where hydroponic sprouts were grown at Toronto Sprouts, industrial style.

Sprouting at home - Toronto sprouts - hydropics industrial style


A peek in back of Toronto Sprouts, urban sprout farm, in production.

Sprouting at home - trays of sprouts growing at Toronto sprouts


To your optimal health!

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