Easy Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe Version 1


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This easy raw chocolate bark recipe came about as I decided that I want to make my own raw chocolate. I have been eating more dark chocolate than usual, because it’s easier to just buy it and being in a smaller city means it’s harder to find it raw and raw chocolate is really where it is at on a nutritional level. Raw cacao has off the chart nutritional properties, in my opinion it is one of the most powerful of the superfoods, but it only keeps it’s super powers when it is in it’s raw state. So I am on a quest to create an awesome chocolate bark recipe.

More info on raw cacao here.
A collection of 57 of my favorite superfoods here.

I did a lot of researching about tempering chocolate, reading books and helping and watching at a chocolate kitchen, ChocoSol – my favorite chocolate maker and supplier in Toronto. But now I am far away from my resources and on a quest to create a very easy to make chocolate bark that doesn’t need to be tempered and can be easily done at home.

This first batch is really good, super easy but to be honest is not exactly what I was looking for and I feel I should have known better. The pro to this, on top of being super easy, is that it uses coconut oil, which is another superfood that is especially good for the brain. I will get Mom to help me eat this batch!  The downside is that because it has the coconut oil I think it will need to be kept in the fridge and not stay as hard and brittle as I would like if kept out.  But it tastes fantastic, filled with superfoods and is very easy to make.

I chose gojis, hemps seeds and cacao nibs to add to my raw chocolate bark recipe, ut the options to add to it are endless. and you can substitute your own favorite ingredients. Try: almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamias, pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, coconut, apricots, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, dried mango, dried cherries, raisins or golden berries. You can also add your favorite superfoods, such as maca, lacuma, mesquite or medicinal mushrooms and flavorings such as chilies, nutmeg, cinnamon, or essential oils. There are so many possibilities, these are just a few. Get creative with it!

The links below in the ingredient list go to info about that superfood. Notice that every ingredient has a link to one. This is definitely Superfood Chocolate Bark!


Easy Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe – Version 1 with Gojis, Hemp and Cacao Nibs


½ cup Cacao Butter
½ cup Raw Cacao Powder
¼ cup Coconut Oil
¼ cup Maple Syrup (or Honey or Agave)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
¼ cup Goji Berries
¼ cup Hemp Seeds
¼ cup Cacao Nibs


Melt Cacao butter by setting it in a bowl and then setting that bowl in a pot or larger bowl of hot water. Let sit, stirring occasionally, until melted.

While it is melting get out a pan and line it with a sheet of wax paper.

When it is melted add the coconut oil and stir until melted. Then add the sweetener and vanilla. Stir and then add Cacao powder. Stir very well until smooth breaking up any small bits of powder.

When your chocolate mixture is smooth, add the gojis, hemp and cacao nibs. Stir to coat and then pour mixture out onto the wax paper lined tray.

Set tray into the freezer to set. Mine set very quickly and only took about 10 to 15 minutes.

Take out and break chocolate bark up into pieces and store in a air tight container in the fridge.


Photo Description

Assemble ingredients

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe Ingredients

Choose ingredients to get coated with the chocolate. I chose Goji berries, hemp seeds and cacao nibs.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe fruit and nut Ingredients

Melt cacao butter in a bowl that is sitting in a larger bowl of hot water.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe melting cacao butter

When cacao butter is almost melted add the coconut oil and let melt also.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe add coconut oil

Add sweetener and vanilla, any spices such as cinnamon or chilies would go in now too. Mix, then add cacao powder and mix until well blended.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe add sweetener vanilla and cacao

Add the gojis, hemp and cacao nibs, stir well and then pour out onto wax paper lined trays.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe pour onto a lined pan

Place in the freezer to harden, after which you can take it out, break into pieces and serve.

Raw Chocolate Bark Recipe


Enjoy! To your optimal health!

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