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After tons of researching, recently I finally made my own incredibly luxurious, homemade, all natural face cream. I am in heaven with it and have been slathering it not only on my face but my whole body. This stuff is incredible. It’s made with high end ingredients, but totally affordable. It’s so much less expensive to make it yourself, and it smells heavenly, feels wonderfully smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin.  In addition, you can feel great about putting pure, natural, even edible, ingredients on your skin.

They say you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. The body absorbs often at least 60% of what is applied to it. The skin is so effective at absorbing what is put on it that many prescriptions are actually absorbed via rubbing a cream into the skin, or a patch. I remember my dad taking his medication by putting a cream, with the medication in it, onto his wrists and rubbing them together. Seeing this really hit home for me just how effectively and quickly our skin absorbs what is put on it. Do we really want to rub synthetic or toxic chemical ingredients into our skin? Not me!!

Skin care products made with natural ingredients are very effective at reducing wrinkles, tightening and smoothing the skin and keeping it youthfully elastic and supple. I suspect even more than synthetically created brand name products. However, there is a lot of mis-education, lack of education and brand names with huge marketing budgets to convnce you otherwise. This is one area where a little common sense, as well as research, could go a long way. It’s not only a safer bet for your health, but also for your physical appearance, to stay closer to nature than to toxic ingredients thought up and created in a laboratory.


go natural - skin care

It’s easy!

The hardest part of making this anti-aging face cream is just getting the ingredients together, which wasn’t even that hard as most of them can be found at your local health food store. Making it was actually very easy, even easier than making chocolate. Melt the oils and blend it all up.

Come join me in the kitchen for a new adventure, and let’s make our own super luxurious, fantastic smelling, anti-aging face cream!


Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe


Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe


6 Tbsp Almond oil
¼ cup Cacao butter
3 Tbsp Shea butter
2 Tbsp Coconut oil
1 Tbsp Beeswax
2/3 cup Floral water, aka Hydrosol (Sandalwood)
1/3 cup Aloe vera gel
½ tsp Vitamin E oil (14,000 ui)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
10 drops of Essential oils

I used these essential oils: Orange, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Patchouli

I was planning to use Rose hydrosol, but I went with Sandalwood. It was actually because the rose hydrosol came in a pink plastic bottle and the sandalwood one was in blue glass. You could also just use distilled water, and an extra couple drops of essential oil if you like.


Sterilize the jars that you will store your cream in, in boiling water. I reused jars and so this was necessary. If you use new jars they will come pre-sterilized.

While containers are sterilizing, melt cacao butter, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax all together in a double boiler, or in a bowl over a pot of hot water.

Meanwhile, mix the floral water (hydrosol) and aloe vera gel in a bowl.

After oils are melted allow them to cool slightly and then add to blender along with the almond oil and blend. Slow down blending and stream in the hydrosol and aloe vera in the top of the blender jar while still blending. Blend for a few minutes until cream becomes thick and fluffy.  Add the essential oils, vitamin E and vanilla and blend until they are mixed in completely.

Dry sterilized jars and then pour cream into jars. Put caps on jars and store any cream that you will not be using within the next month into the fridge. Refigerated cream should keep for several months, and up to a year.

Slather all over and luxuriate in the heavenly scent and smooth feel of your skin!!


Photo Directions

Get your ingredients together. (note: I used a tealight for the beeswax. It’s what I had 😉 and it worked well.)

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 1 ingredients

Sterilize jars in boiling water.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 10 Sterilize jars in boiling water

Get oils and butter ready to melt.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 2 the oils

Melt butters and oil in a double boiler, or in a bowl over a pot of hot water.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 3 melt oils

Mix hydrosol and aloe vera together and set aside in a bowl.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 4 aloe vera and hydrosol

Melted oil and butters.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 5 melted oil

After they cool down, just before they start rehardening, transfer oils to blender.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 6 ingredients in blender

Blend oils.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 6.1 oils blended

Add hydrosol and aloe vera to oils and continue blending. Blend for a few minutes until cream becomes thick and fluffy.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 7 ingredients blended

Add vanilla, vitamin E and essentail oils.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 8 add vanilla and oils

Blend until they are well incorporated.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe - 9 blend again

Transfer cream to dry sterilized jars.

Homemade All Natural Face Cream Recipe

Slather your luxurious fantastic scented cream into your face and all over your body daily!

Let’s chat about natural skin care!

Have you ever tried making any of your own beauty products?
What are your favorite natural beauty tips?


Enjoy! With love and in health,


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  • Anne Ashcroft

    Going to try the DIY face cream next week and wanted to clarify the essential oils – is it 10 drops of each oil or 10 drops total?

    • Hi Anne, it is 10 drops total. Good luck with making it and I hope you love yours as much as we do here!

      • Anne Ashcroft

        Quite excited about it. DId you use 1 essential oil per batch, or did you combine them?

        • I combined them, a few drops of each of the ones I listed above. The smell was amazing!!

          • Anne Ashcroft

            Thanks for helping me out with this project! Any suggestions on where to source some jars? I tried Cdn Tire, Home Sense and Solutions but no luck. I could always use little mason jars but I’m big on presentation. 🙂

          • My pleasure Anne. I used some jars that I had (I had been buying cream from a local person and kept the jars. I just found the same ones on Amazon.. here is a link (affiliate) .. I will add this to my resource page later, and may have to order some myself. I gave away almost all mine! Best!

          • Anne Ashcroft

            Thanks Robin. Knew I shouldn’t have been throwing those jars out! 🙂 Just spoke with a nice customer service person at Michael’s who told me about a company in Tillsonburg called SaffireBlue and they have everything you could want for supplies and the exact jars (Glass, cobalt blue) that I was looking for.

          • Cobalt blue – even better!! I love blue glass jars. That’s great!

  • Anne Ashcroft

    FINALLY got around to making this FABULOUS face/body cream today. So easy to make and it is amazing. Luxurious and creamy and best of all to me, not greasy like a lot of creams can be. Thank you Robin!

    • I am so happy you made it and love it. I’ve made it twice already. I was afraid it may be greasy, but I found it sinks right in and just love the feel too! Thanks for letting me now, so happy it worked out well for you! awesome.

  • Jacquie’s Journey

    what about a recipe to help acne?

  • Becky

    Can you add hyaluronic acid to this recipe? If so would you hydrate the powder first?

    • Hi Becky, I have not tried adding, or working with, hyaluronic acid. Good idea though. I would have to research how to use it, but am sure you could include it here.

  • maria

    Hi Robin, recipe sounds very interesting. Please advise what is the shelf life (if I keep it in a refrigerator)? Thank you very much. Maria

    • Hi Maria, wish I could give you a definite shelf life. I have made it twice so far and it’s been great unrefrigerated for a few months each time.. I haven’t had it longer than that to test, but I would expect that kept in the refridgerator it would last for 6 months. This is a guess, but I would expect at least this, and likely even several months longer. Best!!

      • maria

        Thank you very much Robin! I will give it a try. All the best!Maria

  • Sherri Lambert

    Help… I made the above recipe this evening and am having trouble with the oils separating. Any ideas on how I can salvage it? Thanks Sherri

    • I made this recently, for the third time, and I had a similar problem. After lots of researching into what was going on, I discovered that the problem most likely has to do with temperature differences. I didn’t realize that this was an issue earlier.. but when putting the water mixture into the oil mixture, if one is too cold, or too hot, they may not emulsify properly. The temperaures need to be similar, and close to room temp is good, when blending.

      I ended up taking the cream the following day and heating it all together to see if it would combine. It didn’t completely, but it is a little better.. and I am still using it (and all over my body now to use it up quickly) I want to make more. That’s the best I have for a solution. ..sorry I can’t help more. ..and if you discover anything else, feel free to share with me.

  • Ásta S. Hreidarsdóttir

    Hello, I was wondering, what type of candle you use instead of Bees wax? Thanks Ásta from Iceland

    • Hi Asta, you could use Cadelila wax instead of beeswax for this I believe, but I havent tried it myself. Candelilla wax is found on the leaves of a small plant native to Mexico and the southwest states. It is harder than beeswax so you will have to use less. I would try using half to three fourths as much. Also check out Carnauba wax, some people use a mix of both in skin care products. Try googling both of these waxes and see if they work for you!

  • kristyne

    Haven’t tried your recipe yet, but will soon. My comment is re: texture and ‘proof’ as in, avoiding the problems some had with the ingredients combining. It is IMPERATIVE that both oils and water are the same temp, this is the MOST common reason folks have trouble. Also, it’s another step, but if whipped with an electric mixer you’ll get an even lighter application if you want one. Blessings.

    • Kristyne, Thank you so much for the info, appreciate that and will be trying the electric mixer with this next time!! Blessings back, and thanks again!

      • Phyllis Anne

        Stick blenders work very well with these types of products. There are different sizes of the blending blades, I use a smaller SB for small recipes. Large SB for 16 oz or more. Pulsing the SB is best.

  • Julie Spragg Dayton

    Hey, I have a bunch of essential oils that Id love to add to the recipe, can I mix any essential oils together or do some oils not have a positive effect when mixed with other certain oils?! Does that make sense? Also can I add more than 10 drops of oil? and also why Vanilla extract? is it just a fragrant thing? Could I exclude it and add more essential oils?

    • Hi Julie, I love mixing essential oils also and you can definitely mix your own blend. You may want to try mixing them together first before addding to the cream to get a scent you love first. Some have different properties but generally they all mix well together. The vanilla was just for fragrance. I think I got inspired being in the kitchen and I loves the scent of mine, but you can definitely omit it and add more oil if you like. More oils will just make the scent stronger. Add as much as you like!

      Hope it turns out great!!

      • Phyllis Anne

        My best method for experimenting with EOs for scent and without wasting so many drops of costly EOs, for each drop of EO you wish to try for your blend, use a toothpick and stick it in the opening of the bottle so 1/4 inch tp of the toothpick is moistened. Do this for EACH drop of EO in your blend recipe. Then place all the toothpicks in a small glass lidded bowl, I use pyrex with tight lid. I have also used my 4 oz mason cosmetic jars which is easier and better result. Place all the different toothpicks and jar/bowl in freezer for 15 min. Then take out and let warm up 15-20 min before removing the lid, then open jar/bowl and sniff the scent. Close lid and sniff again with a fresh nose ;o)
        If you like it, write it down. For each drop of EO used in a blend is ONE toothpick.
        SO, if your blend is 6 drops Lavender, 3 drops ylang ylang and 5 drops Bergamot, then you would be using 14 toothpicks.

  • Fatima

    This recipe looks like it’s exactly what I’m after! The only problem is i don’t have Cacao butter. Can I substitute this for Shea? Or will the cream end up being heavier/greasier? I’ve never used Cacao butter so i’m not sure what the consistency is like and if it’s necessary for this cream to still be light and easily absorbed! Thanks!

    • Hi Fatima,
      I haven’t tried substituting shea for cacao butter and the consistency of both is different (shea is softer/cacao harder) I feel intuitively like it may be a bit greasier with the shea. However, the general idea with making a face cream is that you balance the oil/butter with water/liquid ingredients, so technically it should be ok.
      That all being said it may depend of personal preference also. I have a friend who loves shea so much she just rubs straight shea onto her skin (face) every morning. Shea butter is great for the skin. I would personally experiment with it, but can’t guarantee how it will turn out. Best wishes!

      • Fatima

        Woo, thanks for an awesome reply! I decided it was best to invest in some cacao butter. The smell of shea is getting to me just a little bit haha.
        I do have another question.. I’ve decided to make this with e-wax instead of beeswax. Just because I really don’t want to risk any separation. Do you have any experience with e-wax? I know you can’t just substitute straight across between beeswax and e-wax, so just thought I’d ask if you had any rough ideas of how much e-wax you’d use for a recipe like this?

        • Hi Fatima,
          I have not tried e-wax – but I have just been googling to see if I could find a good answer for you. It seems that e-wax is an even better emulsifier than beeswax, and I think you can use an equal amount. This is a guess as I haven’t tried it personally, but it should work just fine.

          • Phyllis Anne

            About 20 percent less ewax. It emulsifies the best. But it is refined. That is the difference.

  • Catherine

    Hi Robin,
    I made this cream today and it is fantastic!
    I decided not to use a blender (too messy to get out), instead a glass bowl and a sterile whisk… worked great.
    Thanks again,

    • Hey, so happy to hear Catherine! I have been hearing also how a hand blender works really well. I think I will try that next time too. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Kaveri

    Can you suggest replacement for cocoa butter? It smells too chocolaty and I am not big fan of that smell.

    • I haven’t tried it but I would try more shea butter, if you like shea, or coconut oil could work too.

  • Ellie

    Hi Robin,
    Instead of Alo Vera gel can I cut the actual Alo Vera and use the inside?

    • Great suggestion/question Ellie! It would undoubtably be better for your skin if you used fresh aloe. My only hesitation would be that it may not last as long. If you try, I would suggest to at least only keep one jar out at a time and keep the rest refridgerated until you are ready to use it. Other than shelf life, I don’t see why not and think it’s a fabulous idea.

  • Saumya

    Hi Robin, I made the cream lastnight everything is good except that the cream gets hardened when left outside in the room. Can you please tell me what went wrong and how to fix it? Also i would like to make it less greaasy something like a lotion to apply all over the body. Any tips on that?
    Thanks for sharing the nice recipe!

    • Hi Saumya, I think I understand as my cream got a little harder than most face creams are. I have heard that if you whip the cream with electric beaters that it will turn soft and more aerated (fluffy is not the right word, creamy and lighter) more like a traditional face cream is. I have not tried this yet, but I probably will for the next batch.

      • Saumya

        Hi Robin, Thanks for the reply. I melted the cream and whipped it again to see if that helps but didnot work. I like the cream so please let us know if you find any variations to make it softer. Thanks Again.

        • I will. Thanks Saumya!

          • Saumya

            I really like your website its loaded with tons of good info on healthy living! I was searching for body wash recipes, did you try any?

          • Thanks Saumya! I haven’t tried making a body wash recipe, but I have a friend who is really fabulous with natural skin care. I’m going to check in with her and will let you know if she has anything that sounds great. I’ll let you know here if so.

          • Saumya

            Thanks Robin. I appreciate it! I tried using liquid castile soap diluted to 1: 5 (5 being oils and water and honey) but it still hurts at the sensitive lady parts.

  • CurlyButterfly

    This looks like a lovely face cream and I’m going to try to make it. With the shea butter, is it supposed to be refined or virgin shea butter? Also, is it necessary to use an antibacterial preservative when using the hydrosol or will refrigeration be good enough to preserve the cream? This was mentioned on a website (about the hydrosol needing the antibac. preservative). Lastly, can you use any kind of beeswax (there’s quite a few out there)? Thank you for your help – I know nothing about making this type of thing.. I’ve been wanting a natural face lotion just lately and ran across your recipe!

    • I am not sure about the shea butter, but the type I used looked very natural and not so refined. I think that either would work. I didn’t use any antibacterial perservative and mine lasted for several months in the fridge. I haven’t seen any go bad yet..but maybe it hasn’t lasted that long either (but it’s been fine for several months). For the beeswax, I just used a tea light and so would assume any beeswax would work as well. I was new to making face cream also, and just jumped in with what I had and had wonderful results. Best wishes to you!

  • Elfylon

    I just made this! Great recipe, easy to follow. Of course, I couldn’t find my cocoa butter in the cabinet (found it during cleanup- ha!) so I used kokum butter (no chocolatey smell either). In place of two tbs of the sweet almond, I used 2 of kukui nut oil- just to experiment for a 2-4 ratio. My aloe was mixed with approx equal parts helichrysm hydrosol, roman chamomile hydrosol and lavender water to reach the 2/3cup (they are what I had on hand- and not enough of the hydros left to use just 1). I also didn’t use vanilla, and in place of scent oils: 2 drops tamanu, 5 drops argan, 5-6 drops palmarosa (for my over 40 face). I have a plastic blender so I used my hand mixer. I also had some small canning jars for storage, and had bought some matching plastic lids. (I use a small sterilized plastic container when I want it portable.) I’ve tried another recipe before and it was thicker, and didn’t mention cooling the oils. This one looked and felt more like a facial cream when I finished mixing. It has hardened a bit already, however, it smoothes well at body temperature. (The other was the same, which I don’t mind. Maybe use a little more oil if you want to use a goo-tube type container? Not sure what that would do to the blend though…) Anyway, thank you for sharing this recipe! I’m looking forward to seeing the effects as I use it.

    • Wow, sounds like you really know your stuff and great substitutes. I’m going to try a hand mixer next time too. I hear that works well. Thanks for feedback. I’m sure it will help others as well. Great to hear from you, and cheers – to soft, smooth and naturally radiant skin! : )

      • Elfylon

        I was reviewing my notes, re: thinking on some of the hardening issues. Realized I said mixer vs hand blender, (it is a hand blender, heh, my mixer might be easier to clean though, didn’t think of that). Anyway, I was thinking on the ratio of the butters and wax- making notes for the next time I make this (though I think I’m set for awhile!): Perhaps reversing the measurements on the shea and cacao (or kokum) butters. Shea softens faster and adds a minor SPF (4-6 I think), maybe my 1/4c of kokum is why it’s harder at room temp. Also, maybe reducing the beeswax by 1/3-1/2? I haven’t tried it yet, but if you or someone else does, I’d be interested to hear.

        • It’s worth experiementing, and you seem very on it with different ways to test it. Let us know if you get a better combo of oils and butters. Cheers and best wishes with it!

      • Dee

        How does one clean up the mess from the blender and double boiler? I have tried white vinegar and scouring powder but nothing works. It is a greasy mess. Please help.

        • I don’t remember having a problem with that. Hot water is good to melt the oil, and then just soap I think I used and it cleaned up easily for me.

        • jane

          the best thing is to clean the mixer and the bowls right away with paper towels to remove as much of the cream as possible, then pop them in the dishwasher , with the addition of some baking soda/ or vinegar… hope this helps

        • Marcie

          Hi! I always boil water than rinse all the greasy stuff with it, and after I run some hot water with loads of washing up liquid on a sponge and it always does cleans up!

      • Rottweiler

        Original Dawn Dish soap

  • dana

    Hi Robin! do u know if leaving out the beeswax will change the cream completely?

    • Hi Dana, I don’t know that. It may. But there are a few suggestons in these comments for some alternatives.

  • Jana

    Hi Robin, thank you for the recipe! Thought to ask- could I use aloe vera butter instead?

    • Hi Jana, I am not sure what aloe vera butter is. If the only ingredient in it is aloe vera then quite possibly it would be fine. The gel from inside the leaf is clear.. and the aloe I used is from a bottle that I got at the health food store with a clear gel-like substance that looks very similar to what comes naturally from the leaf. I suspect fresh aloe would work just as well also. But I am not sure about aloe butter.
      Best wishes with it if you try!

  • Hi April, sorry just got your message now (not sure why!?) ..but good eye. yes they are mine. I’ll just let it slide, but thanks for the heads up!

  • Dan Meyers

    Great recipe and I love the effort but by the time I purchase all of these ingredients, it is more economical to just buy the CVS brand face cream.

    • Phyllis Anne

      Just wondering, but have you read the list of ingredients in that, or other store brands. Then, you could google those names, and find out more. Yes, and chemicals are definitely cheap-er than the real deal.

  • Ratna Debnath

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I have a couple of
    questions about it. can I use rose water instead of hydrosol and also cocoa butter instead of cacao butter. and can i make it without using Vanilla extract. and is it day cream or a night? and should i use it as a day cream on the top of applying sunscreen. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hi Ratna, I believe rose water is the same as hydrosol, and that cocoa butter is the same as cacao butter – different words but same thing, so yes. You can definitely make it without vanilla extract and it can be used as both day cream or night. Some may prefer it as a night cream… but I have friends (and myself) who like to put it on in the daytime as well. Best wishes with it.

  • Guest

    thanks for answering Robin, i have some more doubts that is the vanilla extract preservative here? ok if i use it in the day time then should skip the sunscreen or apply underneath. or can i use zinc oxide to make it a day cream.

    • Hi Ratna, the vanilla extract was not used as a perservative, only as a flavor/scent and I don’t use sunscreen or zinc oxide, so I am not sure about how you should use them with the cream. I just use it plain.. for night or day.

  • lee

    Hi Robin. I have some question about your wonderful recipe. I made some by using recipe but it solidified at cold temperatures, fridge. I compared commercial face cream but it was not. Is it normal for natural face cream? If not, could you suggest any solution? Thanks

    • Hi Lee, yes I found the cream would get harder when stored in the fridge also. It should soften again when you take it out for awhile. To make it more light and fluffy I have heard that using a hand mixer or beaters will add more air into the mixture and make it whipped and lighter. I haven’t tried that yet tho.

  • Ayse Teke

    Just a perfect combination and a silky cream it is. Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing your receipe with us.

    • Thanks so much! Nice to hear from you Ayse, my pleasure!

  • Ines

    Hi Robin, I have a question about this recipe. Is it good for oily skin? Thanks

    • Ines, good question. I am not sure as I;m not a skin expert, but I have more oily type skin and I like it. I do think tho that good oils are good even for oily skin – so I would guess yes.

    • LenaK

      I would use Grapeseed carrier oil instead of Almond, and use only butters (no coconut oil). Essental oils good for oily skin: Tea tree, Lavender, Chamomile, Grapefruit. Maybe leave vanilla. Be aware, some essential oil is not good during pregnancy!

  • Izzabelle

    Hi Robin, I have a biochemistry project and my topic is to make an organic face cream.moisturizer. So I was wondering how much did your ingredients cost overall?

    • H Izzabelle, I had a few of the ingredients already (essential oils, shea butter, beesway) and some of the ingredients I bought in larger quantities than I needed. I spent at least $60 at the health food store, but I couldn’t give you an exact cost of ingredients because of the reasons above.

  • Alex

    Hi Robin, I want to use Lavender, lemon and rosemary for my essential oils. What are your opinions on that?

    • I think the combo sounds good. I would try mixing a drop of each together in a bowl and then smelling to see if you like the combo first, and you can adjust the amounts to get a scent you like before adding it to the cream. Best wishes with it.

  • Anna

    Hi Robin, please advice how many mililiter contains your cup – 250 ml or 200 ml?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Anna, My cup has 250 ml. my pleasure, Robin

      • Anna

        Hi Robin, thank you. What kind of blender do you use? Best, Anna

  • Sheri

    Robin I have lumpy, separated face cream. Please help.

    • Hi Sheri, I’m so sorry to hear this. I made it once after posting this and had it separate also. After researching I discovered it was from having the liquids and fats at too different of a temperature. I forget exact details, but basically it was due to a temperature difference. I think there is another comment in here that someone explains it, or if you google you can find out more about it. I’m sorry, Im not an expert on this. I had to research too.
      I ended up reheating the cream and reblending. It wasn’t as nice as the former creams, but I did use it as a body cream. Again, so sorry to hear!

  • catherine


    What is the shelf life for this recipe? 6 to 12 months?


    • I don’t know the exact shelf life, but yes I suspect it is as long as you suggested, or longer. I kept out a couple jars to use for the first few months and put the rest in the fridge. I Haven’t seen signs of any going bad, and some has been out for several months, but it hasn’t even been a year since I made it (and I’m now using another batch I’ve made since). Hope that helps a bit.

      • Terry Sentas

        Do You think you could can this in a hot water bath to preserve it without having to refrigerate it?

        • It’s possible, but I don’t know. interesting idea.

  • esther

    Thanks for the recipe! I just made it and it feels so good on my skin. I have way too much (a good problem indeed). Should I refrigerate the rest of the containers with the cream until I need them since it has aloe vera gel? Or can it just be in room temperature?

    • I would suggest keeping out a couple containers to use first and refrigerating the rest. That’s what I did and it worked well for me. So glad you liked it too! : )

  • Christine

    Just curious what size jars you are using and where you got them from? Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Anna

    Hi Robin, one more question: what kind of blender and speed do you use? Best

    • I used a Vitamix and blended on high. I have heard through these comments that a hand blender also works well to make the cream more fluffy and light, but I haven’t tried that.

      • Anna

        Many thanks for your reply. I wonder if using a Vitamix you do not have troubles with cleaning? With my first cream I used a KitchenAid and it was not so easy to remove wax..

        • No, I didn’t have any problems cleaning the vitamix.

        • Janet

          I completely agree. Cleaning was a nightmare. I finally boiled pot after pot of water, and poured them into the Vitamix, AND used an SOS pad.

  • Reigne

    Hi! How many 4 oz-jars were you able to fill with this recipe?

    • I forget now exactly and I had a mix of 4 oz and 2 oz jars, but I think it would have been about 7 or 8 four oz jars.

  • sherry

    Can I use glass jars for storage?

    • You sure can, and actually I think glass would be better than plastic.

  • Lordina Innocent

    I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER… I added some grapeseed oil and jojoba oil in mine. It keeps my skin soft, especially those harsh winter days.. I gave my find and family a little bit of what I made and now they asked me to make them some more. Great combination of some really great oils. Thank you, my skin thanks you. great website.

  • Genevieve Malouin Diraddo

    How could I tweak this to make it anti-wrinkle?

    • I am not sure about that Genevieve.

    • Annie

      You could use Apricot Kernel Oil instead of Almond oil and for the essential oils use Frankincense, Myrrh, lavender, Patchouli, Juniper. Clove, Oregano or Thyme (any of these essential oils is good for aging skin)

  • Devshan

    As u r using floral water in this recipe, does it need any preservative? Or is it gud by itself?? Pls advise.

    • It’s good by itself. I didn’t use an additional perservative. I only used the ingredients in the recipe as listed above.

  • Aditi

    hey, I live in a very hot climate and my coconut oil always stays in a liquid state. Would the consistency remain the same or do i need to tweak any ingredient?

    • I think the consistency would remain the same. But it makes quite a lot of cream, so I would keep most of it in a cool spot (like the fridge) to use later, so that the oils don’t go rancid. However, that is a guess, I live in a cold climate but I had made quite a bit in my second batch. Some sat out for a long time (several months) and have never seen any cream go bad yet.

  • Allison

    Hi Robin,
    I too have recently begun to make my own facial serums and creams. Through my research I have learned that when using essential oils in your creams the finished product should not be stored in plastic containers. Over time essential oils break down the plastic containers. When I create my own creams I purchase glass jars that I sterilize prior to using. Colored glass jars are best to use as the essential oils should not be exposed to sunlight. That’s why they usually come in amber colored glass bottles.
    I also saw many comments asking about the shelf life of your product. You are using vitamin e which I have read has natural preservative and anti oxidant properties and the vanilla extract is made from alcohol so I’m guessing that is a type of preservative too. I make my own vanilla extract using Vodka and vanilla beans. Thank you for sharing your recipe and techniques.

    • Thanks for your info and contribution too! Makes sense about the plastic/glass containers. Glass is so much nicer too! I just used what I had on hand, and I had saved these containers. Thanks again!

  • Elizabeth Allyson Flowers

    What is the shelf life of this since it doesn’t have a preservative in it? I would be afraid of mold growing with out one!

    • I don;t know the exact shelf life I haven’t seen any mold and have kept it for several months. Actualy i have a jar that has been unrefrigerated for about half a year, and I can’t detect any rancidity or anything. It seems the same as it was when I first made it.

  • Eka

    Hey, just wanted to ask if I could change almond oil with olive oil? Thanks

    • Sure, I think these two oils would be interchangeable. I would do a little more reasearch to make sure but I am quite sure that would work fine.

  • Regina

    Just made your recipe,texture seems perfect. Could I add zinc oxide for a higher spf.At what stage would I add it and how much. Thank you Regina

    • Thats a great idea. I am not sure when to put it as I am not sure how it comes.. it would probably go in with the non-oil ingredients.. or just mix it in at the end. Sorry I can’t help more. Best with it!

  • Ang

    I scrolled through the comments and couldn’t find the answer to this question: Why did you use the essential oils you did? Was it for skin benefits or scent alone?

    • It was for scent. However, I did stay away from oils I knew that were strong and would be harsh on the skin. But really, for my cream, it was almost all about the scent.

  • ibdana

    Can you use aloe juice in place of aloe vera gel?

    • I am not sure what you mean by aloe juice – fresh or pasteurized. But either way, I am not sure. I showed the bottle in a photo above of the aloe I used. I would have used fresh if I had it.. but have only tried with the aloe I used here, so I can’t advise with any other. Best wishes!

  • TessB

    Hello….not sure you’re still out there….or here? Anyway, if you are, please let me know if you have any problem with the product having little pools of water daiky. I just dump it out and use my cream (which I love! ). If you’ve noticed this and figured out what it is, please let me know.

    • Pegmc

      I had the same problem with my first batch. I don’t think everything emulsified together because I used an electric hand mixer. For the next batch I gently warmed all ingredients and beat them with the mixer in the same bowl. The ingredients cooled more slowly and blended together beautifully. The cream was much creamier than the first batch.

      • Thanks Pegmc for your help and sharing. Yes, I also have learned that the temperature is very important and I think having a difference in temperature between the oils and liquids is the main reason why the cream may not emulsify properly together. Hope this helps TessB!

      • TessB

        Thank you! I’ll try keeping everything more uniform. I would have never thought about the temperature. Have a great weekend!

    • shellos8

      You’re having a problem because beeswax is NOT an emulsifier. You need to use emulsifying wax to get a proper emulsion that won’t break.

    • Hi Tess, sorry I missed this before.. yes, it seems like an emulsification problem. I have learned that this seems to happen if the ingredients are at different temperatures – warm mixing with cold – when the oils and liquids are being blended. & my apologies again for late reply!

  • maryam

    this looks like a perfect cream that I would want to make, but have a qt, I bought vanilla extract, and was chking the ingredients and it said its made with invert sugar syrup. so is this ok to use in the cream?

    • I haven’t tried, so can’t say 100%, but I think it should still work fine. Best!

  • Martine

    Just made my own version of this today, and it’s great! I didn’t have any bees wax, so I just put in a little bit more of the oils. Also, I made a crucial mistake thinking that I could use all-natural vanilla powder instead of extract. Now there are tiny brown grains visible over my skin when I put it on. Oh well… 😉
    The upside is that I can brush off the powder once the cream dried, but I’m missing the added benefit of vanilla. Lesson learned!

    • Great to hear from you Martine. I love the smell of vanilla, but it won’t change much without it. Glad it’s working out well anyway 🙂

  • Tina

    Hi Robin, Thank you for the great recipe. I made this and I love it. the only question that I have is, coconut oil and almond oil are natural hair growth remedies. I am worried if this cream will increase my facial hair. have u experienced anything like this? Please let me know! thank you so much

    • Hi Tina, I haven’t experienced or heard of this. I don’t think It is a concern. Best wishes, and my pleasure.

  • Renee

    I just made a batch and added a couple of tablespoons of green tea extract. It didn’t seem to impact the consistency of the finished cream!

    • I like hearing of experiments. Nice work! and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • anu lopez

    I am a bit late. Just getting into DIYs. Can some one please let me know if I can add Vitamin C powder to this mixer?

    • I havenèt tried it, but I think it would work to add it in.

  • Kim Rice Lineweaver

    I have never used a hydrosol but I use essential oils and have sandalwood essential oil (and others). Is there a way you can make a substitution with water and essential oils or something like that?

    • Hi Kim, I have used hydrosol each time I made it, but I donèt see why you couldnèt substitute water and essential oils. Best wishes with it!

  • Anna

    Do you know that you are using a synthetic form of vitamin E? What are your thoughts on that?

    • Hi Anna, I didnt know. Please feel free to share if you have a better alternative.Thanks.

  • Silviya

    Hey, nice recipe!
    I want to ask you can I miss the step with aloe vera or can I replace it with something else?

    • I am not sure. I haven’ttried to replace the aloe vera. But best wishes with your experimenting. Hope you also get great results!

  • dor

    I’ve made this cream and I don’t know why the texture is not creamy like yours. I replaced hydrosol and aloe vera gel with rose water, maybe that’s the reason of the texture like this (see the photo attached). Also water goes out. Why its like that?
    Only the texture is the problem, but I can still use it and its amazing.

    • dor

      here is the photo::

    • I am not sure why it has a different texture. The thing I have noticed messing up the end result of the cream (from comments and experience|)has been if the temoperature is not consistent between the oils and liquids when they are blended. Other than that, I am not sure and it may take more experimenting or resaerching on your part to figure it out. Best wishes!

  • Bianca

    I’ve tried making this twice now and my mixture doesn’t look like yours. It ends up runnier and not as creamy. I made sure the oils were at room temp before blending. I use a vitamix so it’s heating up the mixture cause it’s being blended for a few minutes. What am I doing wrong?? Could it be that I’m using hemp oil instead of olive oil? I thought all oils were the same? Sorry, very frustrated! I’ve put this batch in the fridge hoping it will go harder

  • Monica Limon

    Hi. I made the recipe using the correct ingredients. Nevertheless, when I mixed them in the blender, they did not mix very well. The rose water did not mix with the rest of the ingredients. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Monica, when the ingredients do not mix well, the problem usually seems to be a difference in temperature between the oils and liquids.

      • Monica Limon

        Hi Robin. Thank you for the tip. I tried to warm up the rose water, and it emulsified perfectly. Love your website and your recipes!

      • Monica Limon

        Hi Robin:
        Thank you for the tip. I warmed up the rose water, and it worked! Love your website and recipes!

  • Sharene Mariner

    Hi all, I believe that the best way to get everything to mix well is by using emulsifying wax instead of beeswax. The emulsifying wax’s primary purpose is to mix oils and water together and thicken the mixture. This would prevent seeing water or oils separate from your cream. 🙂

  • tgartner

    This seems like a lot of oil. If you still get break outs, what would you eliminate to make it less oily?

    • I don’t know as I haven’t tried substitutions. But I have oily type skin and yet my skin seems to like it. Maybe you will get more ideas from the comments.. lots of suggestions/ideas here! Best wishes

    • bee_91

      If you get break outs like me I would suggest swaping the sweet almond oil for jojoba and/or hemp oil. I’m gonna try this myself. Also using essentiel oils like tea tree, geranium or lavender can help. Although someone might be prone to acne or oily skin the skin still needs oil and it shouldnt cause any problem on the contrary it should help. Hope this helps!

  • anu

    u did’nt clear qty of each parts of this cream

  • Jan

    Thanks for the tips. I really want to try this one out. The recipe seems to be perfect for winter since theres a lot of oils to keep the skin hydrated. I’ve been trying to find new natural facial cream so I’ll surely try make this. How long can this cream lasts for?

  • Jeannette

    I just made this cream and it is more liquid than cream, what did I do wrong? I used the same measurements. Help! This was my first time making cream.

    • The most common reason for the cream not working out well seems to me to be a difference in temperature between the oil ingrediets and liquid/water based ingredients. You can read lots of advise and help in other comments. Hope this helps!

  • Joseph Brynelsen

    ours had a lot of water drops in it after it set up and we had to refrigerate it to make it set up what did we do wrong by the way it stayed set up in room temp.

    • The most common reason for the cream not working out well seems to me to be a difference in temperature between the oil ingrediets and liquid/water based ingredients when blending.

      You can read lots of advise and help in other comments also. Hope this helps!

  • Narina Grove

    I used this recipe about a year ago with minor alterations. I don’t like vanilla so I skipped it and used a blend of different liquid oils instead of almond (rosehip, grapeseed, olive). Used lavender essential oils. My mom, aunt and I all loved it. In fact, my aunt just requested a huge jar of it. Thank you for the recipe.

  • laura

    Hi Robin,

    I was wondering if you think Aloe Vera leaf juice would be okay to use instead of gel (as I can’t find gel)

    It’s it is 10 x concentrate, or equivalent to 100% aloe vera content

    Laura x

    • I think it would be ok, but I have not tried it. The mail concern I would have is if that would shorten the shelf life. But that being said.. I love experimenting and would try and just keep an eye on it. Also, I haven’t seen any of mine go bad or rancid yet at all, so try. Best wishes!

  • Tina K

    Hi Robin, want to thank you for this amazing recipe! This is the 2nd time around Im making this and my whole family wants one! Its smooth, smells great and works like a charm! My skin is so soft! For essential oil I used Frankincense and rosehip essential oils.
    Thanks again for this amazing recipe!

    • Wonderful Tina! Thanks so much for letting me know! 🙂

  • jane

    Would you be so kind to post a light non greasy moisturizer recipe..for day use.. i can not find a light enough recipe…

    thank u

    • Hi Jane, I dont have another recipe for cream that I like as well to post. Best wishes with your search.

  • Renee D

    Hi I am trying to figure out what I am allergic to so I’d like to know what anyone would recommend replacing the Aloe gel with? Thank you 🙂

  • pixie

    Hi, I love your recipe. Could you pls tell me where can I buy those ingredients? Could you also list the brand of those?

    • Hi, and thanks. I bought most of my ingredients in a local health food store – they had a whole section of natural beauty products and supplies. I dont remember specific brands.. maybe you can tell from the photo in the post. That’s how I would try to remember to figure that out. Best wishes!

  • Ruth Barrett

    Hello Robin, Does one use all the essential oils together for the fragrance? If so what quantities of each? Looking forward to trying this. Ruth.

    • Hi Ruth, I used 10 drops total – a few drops of each one I mentioned above in the recipe.. but there are lots of different combinations that would be wonderful. You can also add 10 drops (or a little less or more) of just one type of oil instead.

      If it helps, I probably used 3 drops each of orange and lemongrass and 2 drops each of frankinsence and patchouli.

      Another tip is to blend some essential oils together seperately, and when you get a fragrance that you really like, then add the 10 drops of it.

      Best wishes!

  • Cristina Costantea

    Hi. I would like to try this recipe but i can’t find aloe Vera gel. Do you know (or any sugestions) if i can replace it with something else? Thank you.

    • Hi Cristina, wish I could help but I have not tried it without or with a substitute.. maybe someone else here can help, or perhaps you could try googling that and see if you can find a suggestion online. I bought mine at a local health food store. Best wishes!

  • Dessy

    Hi Robin
    Can you tell me what kind of cup is used for the recipe. At home I have 200ml 300ml even 500ml so which one to use?
    Anyway the recipe sounds amazing, I want to try it

    • Hi Dessy, the cup I used was 250 ml. Best wishes, hope it turns out great fro you too!

  • elizabeth moore

    I love this! I used everything the same as the recipe, but I used a hand emulsion blender for easier clean up. This worked well. It makes a large batch, so how long will this keep? I plan to give some away, but I want to make sure it will last for the extra I want to keep. Thanks for this! I’m so excited to have a homemade lotion, as I have made just about everything else I need. 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth, the shelf life is much longer than I thought it would be at first. I had thought about 6 months (as a guess) but I have had a container here for over a year, and not refrigerated, just on a shelf. I am sensitive to oils going rancid, but the cream hasn’t shown any signs of it or going bad in any way yet..

      So happy it worked well for you. Enjoy!

  • Michael

    Hey Robin! Thanks a lot for this amazing recipe, looks glorious! So glad there’s people like you who share this stuff on the Internet 🙂 Just one question… From the quantities of ingredients you have used here, how much cream did it actually produce?

    • Hi Michael, I believe it filled four 4oz jars, and then there was enough left to fill one or two 2oz jars – so, it made approx. 18 to 20 ozs. Enjoy!

      • Michael

        Thanks so much, can’t wait to give it a try! Have a great day!

        • Thanks, you too! 😊

          • Michael

            Hi again Robin! Gave this recipe a go for the first time this week. Was pretty pleased with the results but didn’t turn out quite as good as I hoped. I’ve read all the other comments about temperature levels so will try better with that next time. Was just wondering something… You see in your pictures of the finished cream, it looks really smooth and creamy. Did it stay like that consistency for the rest of its time?? Just because when I was making my cream, at first it was really lovely and smooth and creamy but it soon hardened and became more like a thick, hard butter than a cream.

          • Hi Michael, mine actually did stay creamy and smooth.. but maybe if it seperated that is why.

            Btw, there is a comment from a week ago from docperry, who fixed his cream after it had seperated..He heated up all the ingredients and hand whisked them together and it seemed to work for him. See if you can find it here, maybe you can fix it?.

          • Michael

            Literally trying it again as we speak! Going to give it a try hand whisking it and making sure all the ingredients are the same temperature. Thanks so much for your super speedy replies, really appreciate it 😊

          • Great. Hope it goes well!

          • Michael

            Just finished it, looking great so far! Only time will tell if it hardens or separates, hopefully not! Looks a little golden because I added a bit too much vanilla extract by mistake (smells great though)!

          • I love vanilla! 😊 Great work. Hope it stays smooth and creamy for you! Cheers

  • Stacey Constantine

    Hi, I winged it yesterday and made my own face cream. I did a very similar recipe now that i look at yours, however after about an hour i noticed that the oil in my face cream and the water, which i used rose water and aloe vera water, actually separated apart. After doing some research i found out that the emulsifier is Bees wax and borax together, but apparently it is very hard to get the right formula. I see you have just used bees wax and am curious about whether the oil and water stayed together in your formula. It would be really interesting to know. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Stacy, the cream blended well for me. ..but I have heard that the main reason why the water and oil will not emulsify properly is that there is a difference in the temperatures of each when you blend them together.
      Hope this helps.. you can also scroll through the comments for lots of great suggestions. Best!

  • Lana Sirois

    I think mine is to thin is there a way to make it thicker? What did I do wrong?

    • Hi Lana, wish I could help, but I am not sure. Perhaps by skimming through the comments you may find a clue or another idea is to try googling different searches related that may help you find an answer. Best wishes!

    • Minh Sa

      mine was too, I left the mixture in a bowl for 2 hours until i see it hardening around the edge, then drain out any lumps (in my case the lumps were Beeswax re-hardening), whisk the mixture for a minute or so, pour the mixture back into the blender, turn it on. Meanwhile melt those lumps and pour it into the running blender. Mine thicken and became cream after I did that.

  • lkoskela_tinydancer

    My one friend uses caster oil in one of her recipes and she has gorgeous skin. The thoughts of using caster oil made me cringe, but after seeing and feeling the results almost immediately I am now a believer. So for those of us who have visible pores and do not have that perfect glowing skin we might think of adding a touch of that nasty, smelly stuff that we feared as a child into this recipe and see what happens. I’m brewing up my special recipe tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes. :O) I love this site, thanks Robin and friends!

    • wow! That is really interesting.. I just read up quickly, and I am convinced now to test it too- definitely seems worth experimenting with. Go figure. Thanks for the suggestion! : )

  • Dedek

    Hi Robin! thank you so much for your recipe. I haven’t try yet, was collecting the ingredients. I’ll let you when I have done with this recipe. But first, I want to ask about Vit E oil here, is that for preservative function?

    • Hi Dedek, I used vit E for its nutritional and other skin care benefits.. vitamin E helps lessen sun damage, and also can reduce signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots. Its a powerful antioxidant and great overall to help give a smooth complexion.
      Best with the cream!

      • Dedek

        So which one of these all ingredients that carry preservative function? Sorry for asking so much, cos I want to know the function of each ingredient

        • I have a tip: you can google each of the ingredients to find out.. easy to research these things these days. I would have to do that to answer you. best!

          • Dedek

            thank you for your tip Robin, i’ll do that, I love your recipe anyway

    • Barbara Henrioulle

      Vit. E will extend the life of the oils so it is usually the ‘go-to- ingredient that serves as a preservative. I have never had a problem with any of my face creams that I’ve developed over the past decade going bad. . .except when my hands are not clean when I dip them into the jar. . .there is more of a hygeine issue when making these kinds of creams but generally it is easily solved with either using a utensil instead of fingers or just making sure hands are clean and temperatures are cool for the creams as all oils will become rancid with heat. Happy DIY!

  • Docperry

    Hello, I just tried this recipe with a few very minor adjustments, as I only had Cocoa butter and coconut oil (solid) to use as ‘solid’ oils/butters. Not having the waters and oils at approximately the same temperature (h’m!); they separated. However, not wanting to waste ingredients I placed the whole thing in the microwave and melted oils and waters etc. down together. once i had done this I began stirring the would-be cream slowly and then used my hand-whisk to create the cream I was hoping to make via your recipe. Yes!!! this worked a dream. You just whisk for long periods until the whole thing has cooled, thickened and emulsified.. Ideally I should have placed the warm mixture in a reverse Bain marie (i.e. in a bowl of cold/iced water to quicken the cooling down process) and will do this if I make a mistake again). Anyway, love the recupe and thought this method of ‘recovering’ oil/water separation (mistakes) might help other folks who have had the same issue.

    • Brilliant. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Ger Bre

      Hello Robin,
      The oil and water recovering docperry used, workt for me too. But it separeded again after cooling down. It was so nice at first! But now it isnt.. Does anyone know what to do with it?

      • Ger Bre

        But I did not use the microwave. I dont’t think that is very good for the ingredients. I used a pan whit warm water.

        • Ger Bre

          I asked someone whit a lot of experience and she says that there is missing an emulgator in this recipe. Only the beewax isn’t enough. I will try to fix it with a tbsp of lanoline..

          • Minh Sa

            I did exactly as this recipes, it worked just fine. The cream is smooth and feel nice when put on skin. So I just wanted to let you know that I made it without adding any extra stuff.

  • Ger Bre

    Hi Robin,

    It didnt work out fot me that well. at first it does, it was beautiful and smells dilicious! But after a while it seperated. The oil and water had the same temp when I mixed it. I melted it above a pan hot water (do not think the microwave does the ingredient any good) and mixed it again, than it was perfect again. But the day after it seperated again.

    I asked someone with a lot of experience who has here one website about diy cosmetics. She says there is missing a emulgator in this recipe, the beewax is not enough she said. I dont understand why it did work out for some of you, I think you have special powers than 🙂

    • Hi Ger, I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you. It did for me (and that’s why I shared it) but I am more experienced in food than in cosmetics/skin care recipes and I can only share what I know. I wish I could help you further. Best wishes.

    • Minh Sa

      Hi Ger Bre,
      It worked out for me on my first attempt, first batch. Creamy, smooth, beautiful. I few minutes later I made the second batch, and it didn’t work. it’s separated. Then I whisked it by hand and drain out the lumps( re-hardening bee wax), put the mixture back in the blender. Turned it on. Then I melted whatever I had drained out and pour it into the running blender. It turned out as beautiful as the first attempt. The only thing is I don’t know where I did wrong on the second attempt.

    • Jessica Albarran

      I think you mean emulsifying…like emulsifying wax it keeps oils and water mixed

  • Minh Sa

    Hi Robin!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and gave us a clear instruction.
    I am so happy to announce that I have successfully making the cream on my first attempt. I was jumping up and down and wanted to hug you and kiss you when it turned out like a cream. Except mine is not as white, is it because I used unrefined Shea butter?
    It’s now 3 hours after making but my cream still stay creamy, the same as when it first came out. So I guess it safe to say that I did it, thank to you!
    I used only 2 essential oils, orange and patchouli (too expensive to buy all 4 oils).

    My second attempt is a few minutes right after the first attempt and it wasn’t good. And too bad I didn’t know where I did wrong either. But I whisked it and put it back in the blender, it turned out beautiful too.

    For anyone who is trying to make this cream, if the cream separated after a while, just leave it in a bowl until it’s cool, whisk it again, use a drain to drain out any harden lumps (I think it’s the bee wax not mixed properly) then melt whatever you have just drained out and pour back into the blending machine with the mixture. I mixed for about 5 minutes on the blender and it became creamy.

    • Yay Minh, So happy to hear! : ) I love orange and patchouli too. great combo. Enjoy!!

  • Michael

    Hi Robin!

    Been trying this recipe for a while now but can never get it perfect 🙁 I’ve tried the exact quantities and methods as you and then also tried it with a few minor tweaks. For example, the cream was a bit oily so I tried using less oil.

    The main issue I’m facing is that my cream just doesn’t stay creamy! When it is first made and put into a pot it is smooth and creamy and perfect but it never stays that way. It always seems to solidify a bit and becom pe a bit grainy.

    Even like this, the cream is still amazing for my skin but I am SO desperate to make this work and get it perfect as an actual cream consistency/texture.

    Even in your pics of the cream, it looks really nice and luxuriously creamy. Mine is like that at the start but never stays that way. Does yours stay creamy?

    Do you have any advice on how to keep it creamy? Would adding more aloe Vera gel help?

    Thanks Robin, have a nice day 🙂

    • Hi Michael, Mine stayed creamy and it was around for a long time (over half a year) some I refrigerated, because it made a lot, but even the unrefrigerated stayed creamy.

      I have shared any thoughts and research I have over these comments. I’m not an expert (most of my recipes are for food) and due to my changed lifestyle (caring for my mom) I havent taken time to experiment on this more.

      All I can suggest is research and experimenting.
      Best wishes!

    • Elke Engel

      Hi Michael
      Did you figure this one out yet? I have the same issue.

    • Alecia B

      I’m wondering if it might be the coconut oil. Certain coconut oils I’ve used end up doing this in salves or lotions. Spectrum is the brand that works the best for me.

    • Kate

      If you heat shea butter too high, it becomes grainy when it cools, that could be your problem

  • Leilani

    Hi, for solid/half solid ingredients like beeswax, cacao butter & shea butter, should I first melt them before I start to measure? Im thinking the liquid form and solid form will be a different measurement? Pls help. =)

    • Hi Leilani, I just chopped the wax and butters into very small pieces and pressed them in a measuring cup to measure. Hope that helps. 🙂 Best wishes!

  • Tammy Pal

    How much product did you end up with using this recipe? Thank you!

    • The containers in the picture shown above are 4 ozs each.. there was exactly what is shown there; the 4 containers and some left over in the bowl.. I think it was close to 20 ozs

  • Jherlyn

    Can i ask if i can add lemon and baking soda on ur recipe?

    • I haven’t tried, so I cant tell you if they work well in the recipe or not. But I love experimenting, so I would try 😉 Good luck!

  • Mel

    Hi, urgent question please: the quantities specified (cacao, shea, beeswax, coconut oil) – are they melted measurements?

    • Hi Mel, they are not melted measurements, unless they are liquids of course. 😉 Best wishes!

  • Mi Lu

    Hello, I have a hard time finding cocoa butter, is there any other suggestion to sub it or do you know where I can get cocoa online? thank you 🙂

    • I would try Amazon. I think you can get find it there.

  • Vanessa

    Hi! Just wondering if you think adding manuka honey would work. I’m not sure how much room for variation there is in the recipe, but i’ve heard great things about manuka and have been wanting to try, but I don’t want to make a whole batch of this and ruin it. Thanks!

    • I don’t know if Manuka honey would work. I love experimenting so I personally would try.. but maybe best to research it a bit on Google first. Best wishes!

  • Trixie Vazquez

    Hi there! I love this recipe, I can’t wait to try it! How big were the jars you used and how much cream would you say this yields?

    • I think it was 4oz jars and what the recipe made is as shown in the photo at the end of this post (I believe 4 jars and a bit more that I just put in a small bowl). It’s been awhile, and I am sure I answered this accurately in another comment if you want to scroll through to check. Best wishes!

  • Magnolia

    I just made the cream, but it separated. How can i fix it?

    • I’ve read in comments people trying to fix it, but not sure if it works, as I haven’t tried. The separation is usually due to a big difference of temperatures of liquid and oil when blending it seems. I would keep reading and see if someone else can help you with recovering the batch. Best wishes.

      • shellos8

        The problem is that you’re not using an emulsifier. Beeswax is NOT an emulsifier and it is very difficult to not get any separation doing it your way. And…you don’t have a preservative which means it’s going to start going bad within a few days. There is NOTHING you can do to stop that other than use a proper preservative. But I suspect you’re the type that is going to say I’m wrong even though I’ve studied extensively and have been making skin care products for quite some time. I don’t really care about your separation issues, but I do care about you advising people to put bacteria infested creams on their face. You need to understand that without a preservative, anything containing water or water-based ingredients IS going to start to grow bacteria, fungus and other nasties within days…long before you can see or smell anything wrong.

        • Debbie

          Would the vanilla extract act as a preservative? I make my own vanilla extract with only 2 ingredients: Vodka and vanilla beans. Store-bought vanilla extract contains some form of alcohol. Would that possibly be preventing the nasties? It sounds as if Robins cream is lasting for her.

  • Alecia B

    I love this recipe! I’ve used it a few times and substituted different oils and butters. It makes my face feel amazing!

    • Thanks for letting me know Alecia. So nice to hear!

  • Casey

    hello! I came across this looking up DIY.. I have a couple questions.. I have sensitive skin. Would this been harsh for my face? Also I have oily / dry skin I’m looking for something that’s in no way oily but moisturizering, is this something along those lines? I hate buying stuff from the stores expensive and some have left burns, massive oil, break outs and others dried my face so badly it cause cracking and sores.. ( I have had extremely bad luck!) thank you for posting this I still may try it. I was curious to the afterward results. Thanks!!

  • Niam Tshuaj Ntxhw Ham

    What r the measurements for all the ingredients? Ex. 1 cup of beeswax.

    • I go by the measurements as listed in the post.They are all listed above for you.

  • Nina Niin

    I made the simpler version with only 3 ingredients.. coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Melted equal parts of them and whipped with hand mixer after it was cool and solidified. 5 minutes whio gave me fluffy and creamy consistency. It works well on my dry face. I guess whoever has sensitive skin should avoid all kind of essential oils on face… well that’s just my oponion.
    And the greatest tip I’ve heard over internet was not about cream itself, but the face washing procedure. We should wash face twice a say with warm water first, then cold water and use soap or cleanser only in the evening.This is very important. If you choose this routine, there will be much less chance of breakouts because oil is oil you know. Should be careful. Personal experience.

  • Geeta Billimoria

    I love your recipe becsuse it’s so easy but I wondered if I could use pure raw Cacao butter in place of cocoa butter?₹

    • Yes, in fact it is cocoa butter listed in the ingredients.. maybe I typed cocoa butter instead somewhere int the post, but yes – cacao butter is great!

      • Geeta Billimoria

        Wonderful Robin!
        The cream is fantastic! Thank you for a simple recipe that works!

  • Cool article!

  • Zakaria Mariam

    hello i tried it and love it, but i could like to do more but to to use but to sell out in other to support my little sister who recently completed her secondary education with very good grace but i may not be able to support her to go to university or do any further studies this year.
    i am allowed to make them without adding preservative to them and if i am suppose to add some what do you recommend.

    • Hi Zakaria, I have no idea of the legal requirements for selling cream. I’d suggest googling and further researching that first.

  • Linda Maria Ryste Nilsen

    Hey Robin
    I’m considering trying to make this face cream 🙂
    But I have never done this before. Since you used these essential oils: Orange, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Patchouli. Is there a reason for choosing these oils? Is there traits to this oils that make the facial cream better?

    Hope you see thiese questions! I’m eager to try this 🙂

    Linda, all the way from Norway

  • Linda

    Hey Robin
    I’m considering trying to make this face cream 🙂
    But I have never done this before. Since you used these essential oils: Orange, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Patchouli. Is there a reason for choosing these oils? Is there traits to this oils that make the facial cream better?

    Hope you see thiese questions! I’m eager to try this 🙂

    Linda, all the way from Norway

    • Hi Linda, I chose those oils because I liked the way they smelled. It was all about the scent for me, and a natural inclination towards them (and not a healing, preservative or other reason).

      Best wishes!! (ps. my best friend is from Sweden and goes there regularly.. Norway sounds like an amazing country! One day I’ll come visit you;! ; )

      • Linda

        Then I’ll go buy the oils I like and try to make this face cream.
        I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best results!
        Thank you, Robin 🙂
        You should come and see Norway one day! I love your country and culture though, so open and friendly! 😉

  • Dragana Stojčević

    Do you mix with a stick blender or in a juicer?

    • Hi Dragana, sorry I’m a few days late getting back to you, but.. I used a vitamix blender. I have heard a stick blender also works.. maybe google mixing creams with it to make sure first.

  • nella


    i was wondering if its safe to put this recipe in a plastic PET jar? i couldn’t tell if your containers were glass or plastic. Thank you!

    • Hi Nella, The containers I used were actually plastic. I recycled jars that had cream in them previously and sterilized them. I think PET is a safe plastic to use, but would google that to make sure. Best wishes!

  • Melanie Finan

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. Question, is the end product firm or fluffy and creamy? The ingredients make it sound like it would be firm and I am trying to make a cream that is light and fluffy. Thanks

    • I’m sorry in advance that this might not help you much.. but I would describe it n somewhere on a scale between the two.. not firm, but not really fluffy either. I’m just not sure how to answer better. Best wishes finding your cream!

  • Jenny Breakspear

    This cream is amazing thank you so much for sharing… I don’t have a blender so just whisked it together with a fork worked a treat

    • Awesome!! A whisk would probably work well too. Thanks Jenny!