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The date and nut pie crust is to raw pies what a pastry crust is to cooked pies. But as with most raw foods, it is made with abundantly nutritious ingredients. Instead of flour and shortening this pie crust is made with mineral rich dates and nuts, all loaded with the healthy fats and sugars that our bodies need to work optimally.

Fats and Sugars are Important too!

Some fats and sugars, those found straight from nature are actually good for us and we want them. Our brain needs glucose which comes from sugar to be able to think and fats give us energy. They also make hormones as well as vitally important prostaglandins, which regulates many of the body’s functions. Fats make up a part of the cells membrane, without which the cell can not function properly. Fats are vitally important and not to be avoided. Just make sure you are going for the fats that will help your body be strong and function optimally, not the destructive fats that will break it down.

This guilt free pie crust is filled with healthy and natural fats and sugar!


Date and Nut Pie Crust


1 cup Almonds – soaked
1 cup Walnuts – soaked
½ cup Dates
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Salt


Pulse chop almonds and dates together a few times in a food processor first until they are chopped up a bit and then add the walnuts and a dash of cinnamon and salt and process until you just see very small pieces of the nuts and dates.

Transfer to a pie plate that has been oiled lightly; I prefer coconut oil for this, and press in gently until it is even and smooth.


Recipe on Video



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Assemble ingredients

Date and Nut Pie Crust ingredients

Process almonds and dates together just a bit first to break them down and then add walnuts and process until mixture shows just small pieces of the dates and nuts.

Date and Nut Pie Crust in processor

Press date and nut mixture out in an oiled pie plate.

Date and Nut Pie Crust


To your optimal health! Enjoy!!


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  • Katie Shapiro

    I absolutely love this crust recipe! It comes together easily, is delicious, and I feel good about eating it. Thanks:)

    • So happy to hear Katie! and I agree, I love and make this one lots!!

  • Nadine

    How do you get the crust out of the tart pan? Is it hard to get it out?

    • Hi Nadine, it should come out very easily. The oils from the nuts naturally oil the pan. I have never had a problem with this.

  • flicker4hisheart111

    Can you also used this for baked pies? Would like to use it for my apple pie

    • I think you could, but I haven’t tried. You could try researching that online first. Best wishes!

      • flicker4hisheart111

        Thanks I will try!