Crossing the Ugi Bridge Workout – HIIT Ugi Workout 21 min


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This Ugi workout is really effective to shape legs fast. It combines some of the best leg shaping exercises: bridge, lunges and squats, all done with the Ugi ball to create an awesome Ugi leg workout. This workout has 10 different Ugi exercises, which you flow through in interval rounds. Push your hardest. The time goes by quick, so get the most you can out of it. 

I have done this workout before, last November, and posted it with a video. So go here to see the workout video and the exercise descriptions.

For my own workouts, I have decided to alternate doing previously made up workouts with new ones. Sometimes I get inspired with a new workout to try, but I am finding it interesting, and easy, right now to go back over some of the older ones. Also, it’s fun, interesting and motivating to check my new score of reps and times with my previous ones. It’s a mix, sometimes I beat them, sometimes I don’t but often I find I come quite close. To me, it’s all good and it’s all about putting my best effort in and just doing the workout!


The Ugi ball

Ugi is a great piece of equipment for your home gym. I love mine! It’s a weighted ball that is mysteriously like a cushion yet has an even weight throughout and embeded in it. It’s still a mystery to me how they make it weighted and so balanced like they do, but I love it. It’s not cheap, but I figure anything that will make a workout fun, help make the process easier to get working out and be effective is worth the investment, and this works on all counts. 

Check out Ugi here. I have links from my gym shop page. There are affiliate links there, and so if you click and purchase through there, that helps to support this blog. Whether you purchase from the links or not, go check out Ugi – it’s an awesome cushy weighted ball that makes for a great workout!

..and if you have your Ugi already, let’s go workout!


Crossing the Ugi Bridge - Ugi Workout


Crossing the Ugi Bridge Workout

Workout Breakdown

21 Minutes of Interval Training

Set your timer for 28 rounds of 10 seconds rest and 35 seconds work and go through the following sequence of exercises twice.

Ugi Diagonal Woodchops – left
Ugi Diagonal Woodchops – right
Ugi One Leg Bridge – left
Ugi One Leg Bridge – right
Lunge on Ugi – left
Lunge on Ugi – right
Side Lunge on Ugi – left
Side Lunge on Ugi – right
Ugi Bridge with Hand to Hand DB Pass
Ugi Woodchop Squats
Ugi Twist Tucks
Plank to Pike on Ugi
Ugi Bridge
Elbow to Ugi Crunch


How to do this Ugi workout and exercises

For a video and exercise descriptions of how to do these exercises and this Ugi Workout, click here. This is my post from last November when I first did and posted the workout.


Have a great workout!


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