Crispy Corn Chips Recipe


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This raw version of corn chips makes one of my favorite snack foods super nutritious and something you can feel good about eating. No more guilty junk foods. Eat delicious snacks that you can feel great about! These chips are dehydrated until they are crispy. The process of drying at lower temperatures enables the chips to retain the ingredients original nutrition and high level of enzymes. The corn chips are made from sprouted buckwheat, flax seeds and organic corn and are lightly spiced and salted with a hand harvested mineral rich salt. 

About Natural High Quality Salt

The quality of the salt you use can make a big difference in your overall health. If you are not using Himalayan or Celtic natural salts, consider reading more about them and switching from a bleached white table or sea salt to a more natural salt. Don’t let the name sea salt fool you, or that you can get it it the health food store. If it is a pure white color, it is a sign that it also has been highly processed and stripped of any nutrition.  Himalayan and Celtic salts have a much lower sodium level and most have over 80 minerals naturally found in them. So you go from a salt that is not only dead but robs your body of its resources to process it, to one that actually has nutrition in it and gives back to you. These salts cost a bit more, but this is an easy step that anyone can take that will make a difference to their health. Read more about Himalayan salt here.

Why Organic Corn?

Buy and use organic corn. Corn is one item that I always insist to be organic. Organic always is your best and safest bet, but I have a kind of sliding scale of some foods that ‘have’ to be organic to others that ‘should’ be organic. For me, corn has to be organic.

Corn is one of the cheapest and most used foods in America. It is one of the most highly subsidized foods being farmed and thus our healthy corn, that was once a staple of many native North, Central and South American indigenous cultures, is one of the most corrupted farmed food. Sugars and modified additives and products that come from corn are added to most packaged foods. Almost all (if not all) of the subsidized corn being used is genetically modified (GMO) and studies are coming out now showing the dangers of GMO corn. In a recent one a lifetime study of mice eating GMO corn shows them have developed tumors, multiple organ damage and premature death.  Scary, and why take a chance on something so dangerous.  Natural corn is not bad for us. It has lots of nutrition to offer us like all natural produce and corn is delicious. By buying and using organic corn you safeguard yourself. Organic farming prohibits the use of genetic modification. By using certified organic produce you are guaranteed that you are not eating genetically modified foods, and that your food is pesticide free.


Sprouting Buckwheat

For each cup you need sprouted, use 2/3 cup of buckwheat groats.


Soak buckwheat for 30-60 minutes in a bowl.

After this time pour the buckwheat into a large metal colander and rinse. The water will be very murky. Keep rinsing, a lot! Rinse until the water runs clear. To use less water you can place the strainer with buckwheat in it into a larger bowl of water. Swish around the buckwheat in the water until the water gets dirty, lift the colander from the bowl of water to drain and repeat with clean water until the water is fairly clear. Drain.

Let sit for another 4-8 hours and rinse well again.

Let sit for another 4-8 hours and rinse well again.

Let sit for another 4-8 hours and rinse well again.

Continue this until you have little tails emerging. At this stage after rinsing, let them sit for 8-12 hours until quite dry. They will store better dry. If you are using them the same day leave out but if you are using later, from 8 hrs later to a couple days later, store in the fridge. However, they do not store well for a long time, so try to only make as many as you plan to use right away.


corn chips with toppings


Corn Chips Recipe


3 cups Corn kernels – cut off cob or use frozen niblets that have been thawed
4 cups sprouted Buckwheat
1 ¼ c Flax seeds – soak in a bowl with 2 ½ cups of water for 20 min to an hour
1 Tbsp Salt
1 tsp Coriander
1 tsp Turmeric
1 t Onion Powder
½ tsp Paprika
½ t Chili Powder
Optional – ½ t Cayenne


Process all ingredients in a food processor until broken down and well processed together. This should take almost a minute of processing to get to the best consistency. Pour onto teflex sheets and spread. It is easier to spread if you do this quickly after blending before flax thickens. Score into squares and then score line through to make triangle shapes. Dehydrate 4-6 hours at 115 degrees. Flip onto mesh screen and continue dehydrating overnight or for 10-12 hours until very dry and crispy.


How to make Corn Chips on Video



Spreading and scoring the corn chips.

spreading the corn chips out on trays

Trays spread of crackers and corn chips.

corn chips and crackers


To your optimal health! Enjoy!!


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