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Creative visualization is a technique using your imagination to create and visualize scenarios in the mind’s eye.  By using visualization techniques, you create a mental picture of something and then focus on this image or scenario for periods of time. The main belief with creative visualization is that by changing ones thoughts and perceptions, you can change the outer world. Many successful, wealthy and influential people in the world believe that by visualizing specific behaviors or scenarios, you can change energy patterns to bring your goals and desires to you more quickly.


Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace Wattles wrote about the power of visualization in his book The Science of Getting Rich, published in 1910. Virtually everyone with an interest in the power of the mind has heard of him, and most likely has read this book. The Science of Getting Rich is one of the most studied success books of all time. Nearly 100 years later, it is still a favorite of millions of readers the world over.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wattles shares his insights into manifesting riches, or anything you desire. Wattles introduced the idea and use of creative visualization to the world, and he created a movement of creative visualization. He was a major influence on later self-help authors such as Napoleon Hill, and was a direct inspiration to the popular book and movie The Secret. This creative visualization practice stems even further back, from the Hindu Monistic Theory of the Universe.

This book is definitely worthwhile for everyone to read. The links above take you to straight to Amazon, and I have a link to the book on my Resource page as well, along with many of my favorite books. Check it out!

Live in the new house; wear the fine clothes; ride in the automobile; go on the journey, and confidently plan for greater journeys. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Imagine an environment, and a financial condition exactly as you want them, and live all the time in that imaginary environment and financial condition.” ~ Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich.


 According to Wattles

Everything has evolved from thoughts. We live in a thought universe. Whatever you think about consistently expands and will materialize in your life.

If a person can communicate his thought to original thinking substance, he can cause the creation or formation of the thing he thinks about.” ~ Wallace Wattles

Stay focused. That is the great secret. For many it is difficult to stay focused on the goal until their desire is attained. Continue thinking on it and accept it as your reality. Once you have decided what it is that you want, claim it as yours. Have faith that whatever you want is actually on the way. Place your order with the universe and persistently think on the reality of it and it is certain to come about.

Know what you want and want it enough that it is easy to continue thinking about it. Ignore present situations and circumstances. These are nothing more than manifestations of past thoughts.

Be grateful for everything. Gratitude connects you to Source, whether you call it God, the Divine, Spirit. It is this energetic connection that facilitates the manifestation of all things. Gratitude raises your vibration and puts you in a state to receive.

All things have contributed to your advancement; therefore include all things in your gratitude.” ~ Wallace Wattles


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques


Creative Visualization to Enhance Athletic Performance

Creative visualization is frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance. A golfer may picture in their mind the perfect swing over and over again. This will mentally train the muscle memory.

In a well-known study on creative visualization used in sports, Olympic athletes were separated into 3 groups. Group 1 received 100% physical training. Group 2 received 75% physical and 25% mental training and group 3 received 50% of each physical and mental training. Group 3 had the best performance results. It was concluded that mental images can act as a prelude to our muscular impulses, which has now become widely understood and accepted in neuroscience and sports psychology.


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - health


Creative Visualization for Healing

Formerly I worked at a sprout farm, where we grew sprouts and wheatgrass on a large scale, supplying many of Toronto’s juice bars. We had a juice bar in front as well, where I often worked. I juiced a lot of wheatgrass and heard a lot of stories directly from people who have healed themselves, from cancer mainly, but from many things. They would come to buy bags of sprouts and wheatgrass to take home. Many made weekly, or bi-weekly, or more frequent trips to come pick up their sprouting and juicing supplies. The point is that I heard a lot of healing success stories, and that there was a common element in all of them, besides that they ate sprouts, greens and juiced.

The common element was creative visualization

The interesting part is that even the technique many used was similar.  One favorite customer, a man in his 80’s, would picture the blood coursing through his veins and little birds picking out the toxic or unhealthy cells and waste. He said he would never know for sure if this was what healed him, as he tried many alternative therapy techniques. But I suspect it may have been a big part in it as I heard close to a dozen similar personal stories. I heard of a lot of different therapies that people used. But creative visualization always stuck out in my mind as the one everyone who successfully healed themselves had used in common.


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - success wealth.


Celebrities who use Visualization

Many celebrities have claimed creative visualization to have had a significant role in their success.Some include Oprah, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Robbins, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Degeneres. Even William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill were said to have used visualization and foresaw their success. Many people have used creative visualization to overcome challenges and visualized their success long before they became successful.

Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself for 10 million dollars in 1987. He dated the check for Thanksgiving 1995, and added a note “for services rendered.” He visualized on this for years and in 1994 he received 10 million dollars for his role in Dumb and Dumber.

In a 2007 interview, Winfrey told talk show host Larry King, “You really can change your own reality based on the way that you think.”

“The mind is really so incredible. Before I won my first Mr. Universe title, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. I had won it so many times in my mind, the title was already mine. Then when I moved on to the movies I used the same technique. I visualized daily being a successful actor and earning big money.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

“It’s all in the mind” says Arnold

“I believe people can move things with their minds.” ~ Justin Timberlake

“I won’t be a rock star. I’ll be a legend.” ~ Freddie Mercury

“I train myself mentally with visualization. The morning of a tournament, before I put my feet on the floor, I visualize myself making perfect runs with emphasis on technique, all the way through to what my personal best is in practice…. The more you work with this type of visualization, especially when you do it on a day-to-day basis, you’ll actually begin to feel your muscles contracting at the appropriate times.” ~ Camille Duvall, professional water skier

When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies, and I was the hero in the movie. So every dream I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times” ~ Elvis Presley

“I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.” ~ Michael Jordan


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - success travel


How to Practice Creative Visualization

Create a detailed scenario of your desires. Picture in your mind having or doing whatever it is that you want.  Visualize these scenarios over and over.

Spend at least 5 minutes every day visualizing what you want. If you can get into the habit of this, more is better with visualization. Give yourself 10 to 30 minutes each day, or each couple days, if you can. Choose how much time you want to dedicate to this and try to be consistent with it. Set aside the time to get away from distractions and to be able to rest. Find a quiet spot to relax and perform these techniques. The more you visualize your goals, the faster you will achieve them.

Always visualize that you already have the thing you want. This is a mental trick and an important part of the visualization process. You don’t hope that you will achieve this thing, or that it someday will happen. You have to feel like you already have the thing that you want. You have to ‘live it and feel it’ in your visualizations. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act on the images you create, whether they are in your present real life situation or not.

Use all of your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? What does it smell like or feel like?

Visualize in the first person. By this I mean, see yourself achieving your goal through your own eyes, instead of watching yourself from the outside. 3rd person vizualizing, or watching yourself from outside of yourself, still works, but is much less effective.  Being in your own body and looking out of your own eyes while you are visualizing is very powerful as this is the way we see and experience life around us day to day.

The more real your visualizing is the better it will work. Have fun with it and dream big. Think of a movie and not just a photo. Add color and detail to your scenarios. Put in background music. Make it real and fun.

Physically act out your goal. Go through scenarios of what life will be like after you have achieved your goal. You’ve just signed the lease with the realtor. Now what is it going to be like living there? Show someone else around, explain the details out loud to them. Host a party.

Have fun with your creative visualization time. Make it a fun peaceful get-away time for you. Even though it may feel like fun and a break getting away from the day to day busyness of work and life, it is more likely that in the end this is your most productive time of the day. You may get more accomplished by laying back and taking your mind on a creative visualization trip than you ever thought possible.

Finally, and importantly: Dream big!  It is as much work for the mind to manifest a diamond as a button. Sometimes the hardest part is thinking of what you want to visualize into your life. Think big and go for it.


Visualization Training Tip

If you have a hard time to visualize, try looking at a photo closely. The close your eyes and try to recall what you saw in the photo. If you can see anything similar to what was in the photo with your eyes closed, this is visualizing. Practice using this technique over and over until you get comfortable with the idea of seeing images with your eyes closed.


Sometimes the hardest part is thinking of what you want to manifest into your life. I’ll give you a little boost. Look over the following images to see if any resonate with you. Maybe they will help lead you on a path of creating your own dreams to come true.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Athletic performance

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - sports - baseball strike

A comfortable lifestyle

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - sports - comfortable lifestyle -  travel

Vibrant health

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques  -  health


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - romance.

A great body

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - great body

A loving family

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - family - Parents and child

Rest and relaxation

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - relaxation

Sussess at work

Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - success at work


Creative Visualization and Visualization Techniques - travel


Take time to dream, and remember to Dream Big!

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  • Ravi


    I do have few successful experiences with the visualization process and after knowing about the power of visualization, I got more interested in the subject. I read a book by shakti.
    Robin Visualization process takes time, so what should be done when there are number of wishes/desires in our mind. How to focus and visualise all of them at a same time?
    Secondly, clarity is important for what exactly we wish/desire?
    Thirdly, what ever we visualise we have to act simultaneously or it manifests automatically without any action?
    Fourthly, Before visualizing do we need to relax. Is breathing exercise fine for relaxation?

    • Hi Ravi,
      All of these questions are best answered(imho) in book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

      Please check it out. It is excellent and the base for most current day info on visualization. Well worth getting!
      Cheers! Robin

    • Shilpashree Prakash


  • Just

    I find this so true, it is so interesting that in my “visualization” I become a day dreamer and speak laud to myself mostly while bathing. My wife wonders why! I first knew this from the first of the Covey’s 7 habits of the most successful people… and then here. My achievements always come bigger than I thought. I will make sure I read the science of getting reach!