Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe


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I love hummus, I actually really love and usually eat my raw vegan chickpea-less hummus recipe (check out below to get that recipe!), but I recently made this traditional chickpea hummus recipe that tastes fantastic while developing recipes for a Chickpea Diet Book. This hummus is so easy to make, costs a fraction of store bought hummus and is much more delicious as well!

Raw Hummus

I am very pro-raw, mostly raw and consistently considering going full raw again. Eating raw gives you an inner light force healing high vibe energy that is unbeatable. So I really get wanting to have and eat a raw alternative. I have a couple  recipes for that: a sprouted chickpea hummus recipe that I posted in one of my newsletters, and a delicious Zucchini Hummus Recipe, available in my Free ’20 Favorite Quick and Easy to Make Raw Recipes’ e-book, which is available when you sign up for my newsletter (click that link to get it!).

Cooked Hummus

Despite that, I appreciate the clean, high plant protein level of chickpeas and know there is value in making your own more nutritional hummus at home vs buying storebought, and this really is more delicious anyway!

Some store bought hummus’s are so-so, some are bad and there is one brand I know of that is that’s pretty good, and organic. Well, I am happy to say that this one is even better! ..and it’s really easy to make too!


Cooked or Canned?

Canned are great for convenience, but cooking chickpeas yourself is incredibly easy, makes less waste and is so much more economical!

It is so easy to cook them that it’s hard to go wrong!

How to Cook Chickpeas

First soak your chickpeas for 12 hours. I usually do this overnight. Cover them with lots of water as they expand a lot.

In the morning, or after soaking, drain the chickpeas. Put them in a pot and again cover them by a couple inches with water and boil. Keep the chickpeas gently boiling, or simmering, for about an hour. If you cook them a little longer they will be fine. They are ready when they are soft. Drain your cooked chickpeas and use right away or cool and store covered in the fridge for later use.

Your cooked chickpeas will keep fine refrigerated for at least a week.


Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe


Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe


2 cups Chickpeas
¼ cup Lemon juice
¼ cup Tahini
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 Garlic clove – minced
¾ tsp Salt
2 to 3 Tbsp Water


Add all of the ingredients except chickpeas and water to the food processor and process for at least 1 minute. Getting this thick and creamy is key to making a smooth hummus. Add the chickpeas and process for another minute. Stop and scrape down sides and bottom edge of processor and then continue processing. Drizzle water in through shoot at top of processor as the mixture is processing, starting with 2 tablespoons. Continue processing another minute. Stop, scrape down sides and test. If you want it smoother or thinner process for longer and add more water if desired. Keep in mind that the hummus will thicken a little more in the fridge.


Photo Description

Assemble ingredients

Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe - 1 ingredients

Squeeze the lemon, strain the juice and mince the garlic.

Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe - ingredients - 2 squeeze lemon

Process all ingredients, add chickpeas and process again.

Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe - 3 process -add chickpeas

Keep processing until smooth and creamy.

Creamy and Smooth Chickpea Hummus Recipe - 4 process 2

So easy, and delicious!

Serve as is, or drizzle a little olive oil and paprika on top if desired. Great on your favorite crackers or cut up veggies.


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  • pammieT

    I love chickpeas too and can’t wait for your new book! I have tried sprouting chickpeas and quinoa because I eat mostly raw but prefer the texture and taste of them cooked. Your newsletters are awesome!-thank you for sharing so many of your delicious recipes and health tips!

    • I feel the same as you about preferring to eat raw, but liking the texture of cooked chickpeas and quinoa! I created about 20 recipes for the chickpea book and it is here I am so happy to share recipes with you. Thanks for the great feedback, appreciate it!

  • Verria

    Thanks Robin. Both hubby and I loooooove chickpeas. Just made this and can’t wait to eat it with celery and carrot sticks. Yum. Now all I need to do is learn to make tasty crackers and voila!

    • My pleasure Verria! I’m thinking of making crackers tomorrow.. will def have to take pictures in case they turn out amazing. I have high hopes, and I’ll post them if so!

      • Verria

        Yes! I cringe everytime I throw away the pulp from my juicer or the coconut after making coconut milk. But, aside from throwing them in a smoothie, I’ve no idea what to do. Please put it in your newsletter if you figure out how to make tasty cracker with veggie pulp.