Coming Home Retreat, Going Within and Out in Nature


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I am back at the Lotus Heart Center in Brighton, Ontario and am in the kitchen again, making food for another retreat. This retreat is called Coming Home and is an enlightenment intensive meditation retreat hosted by Russell Scott. It is a fascinating process and quite different from the last (also interesting) retreat I worked at here in February. 

After 10 years of studying, researching and exploring every religion under the sun, sitting at the feet of many gurus, Russell Scott discovered a method of self-inquiry that changed his life.

I decided to find the truth for myself. It was then I discovered a method of self-inquiry that changed my life. I broke through the lonely shell of my mind and experienced the magnificence of my true self. Since then I am continually reminded that the greatest gift in life is… being who we really are.

That experience inspired him to train in this method and Russell has made this his life work and has given 65 retreats over the past 30 years.

What is Coming Home?

Coming Home is a simple but beautiful process that weaves together community and inner contemplation to bring you back to an experience of wholeness, completeness, peace and lightness. It’s like coming home after you have been lost for many years… only you come home to yourself.

You can read more about it here.

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The Sounds of Lotus Heart

There are overwhelming crazy loud nature sounds here. In the evenings you hear mostly frogs. In the morning birds take over. I have tried to record them to share with you, but my attempted recordinggs are just not coming out the same.

The closer you are to nature the more balanced and in harmony you will feel. I have some wonderful nature sounds that I actually mixed myself as the background sounds on my Subliminal collection. You can check them out here!

Join me on my trip here

It was a crazy trip coming to Lotus Heart Center Retreat. I was up at 4am for an early morning flight to Toronto. Then I subway’d across the city, stopping to meet up with a best friend and then went to Union station to take the train out to Brighton. I love the train. My dad used to work on the train so I had a free pass growing up and took it lots. It seems so expensive to me now that I often just fly, less expensive and quicker. But I love it and took lots of photos out the window. This is just one.

IMG_0510 1

I got picked up at the train station..

IMG_0512 1

and we went to the beach for a wonderful beach walk before our massive grocery shop to get ready for the retreat.

IMG_0524 1

so peaceful!

IMG_0521 1

So we get 3 fridges and many shelves full of groceries unloaded and then on our first day we took a mid-day break for a walk at the Goodrich-Loomis conservation area nearby.

IMG_0543 1

IMG_0546 1

IMG_0549 1

IMG_0551 1

Standing on the little bridge and looking down – the water flows so fast you feel dizzy.

IMG_0565 1

Beautiful yellow flowers that grow along the edge of the wtaer.

IMG_0567 1

I love lying on the ground and looking at the sky. So thankful for this gorgeous weather.

IMG_0573 1

Coming home. ..or well, close.

IMG_0577 1

Peace and love.


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