Chili Cheese Kale Chips


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Kale chips are a great raw snack that are super healthy and yet give you that crunchy and salty snack-food feel and taste. This recipe for them has a thicker coating on the kale, made primarily with cashews and nutritional yeast which together give a really cheesy taste. Add salt and you have yourself an amazing low fat, nutrition packed snack. 

The kale shrinks down in size so make sure to make lots, especially considering that it is hard not to eat them all right out of the dehydrator. They are crunchy crispy goodness bursting with nutrition and the bonus is – I think it is safe to say that no one has ever put on weight eating kale. So these really are a snack to feel good about. Eating these is a win-win situation.

Kale is claimed by many to be the most nutritious vegetable on the planet. It is loaded with minerals and abundant in chlorophyll. Read more about kale here.
Make sure to use the most nutritious salt. Read more about Himalayan and Celtic salt here.

I added chili powder, but it is optional. For just Cheesy Kale Chips, without the spice, just leave it out.. or you can change it up and add Cajun, Indian or other favorite spices to change the flavor.


Chili Cheese Kale Chips


1 bunch Kale
½ cup Cashews
¼ cup Nutritional Yeast
¼ cup Tamari or Nama Shoyu
2 Tbsp – ¼ cup Water – to blend
1 tsp Chili Powder
¾ tsp Salt – add more if you like them very salty
¾ tsp Onion Powder


Wash kale and de-stem, removing the thicker harder lower stalks from the kale leaf. Let drain and dry off while you make the cheese sauce.
Place all of the ingredients except for the kale into the blender and blend well.
Put the kale into a big bowl and pour the blended sauce on top. Then mix well. I use my hands and it’s messy but does the best job to coat the leaves well with the sauce.
Spread the kale leaves out onto teflex sheets and dehydrate at 115 degrees for 4 to 6 hours. Then flip the kale over onto a mesh screen and continue dehydrating until dry.

This time is variable depending on how wet the kale is, it can take 4-6 more hours or it can take 12 or more hours. For these dehydrating a couple hours longer will not hurt so I often time it to dehydrate them overnight.
When dry transfer to a bowl or a bag or re-sealable container to store.
Mine are often gone within a day or two, but they can be stored for a long period of time. They should keep and stay crispy up to a month is they are dried very well.


Photo description

Wash and destem kale leaves. To do this I usually just slide my fingers up the stalk, from the tough thicker branch part into the leaf, and the leafy part breaks away easily as my fingers swipe past.

Chili Cheese Kale Chips -kale prepped

These are the ingredients for the sauce. Put them all in blender and blend.

Chili Cheese Kale Chips ingredients

Mix blended sauce in a bowl with the kale leaves and then spread them out on teflex and dehydrate.

Chili Cheese Kale Chips on tray

Dehydrate until crisp ..and then they are ready to eat!

Chili Cheese Kale Chips on plate


To your glowing and vibrant health!

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