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The 7 days of eating raw foods plan will provide you with everything needed to keep you satiated and nourished. One of the characteristics of eating raw foods that can be hard for many to adapt to when starting to eat raw is the light feeling that can be a part of it. It can feel like you are not ‘full’, as most of us are used to feeling heavy after eating a cooked meal and associate that with feeling full. With the raw food diet we can emulate this feeling with dehydrated foods.  || Read more

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With this 7 days eating raw foods plan most of the foods that you will be eating during your raw week will be made prior to it beginning. At this point you have made your dehydrated items and now it is just a few days before your jump into eating raw foods completely. The menu plan provides lots of variety and delicious, satiating, nutritious foods that will make you feel vibrant and energized. Think of the week before, making your raw dishes, as a little education and an investment you are making in yourself. This is time and energy well spent. What better endeavor than to create a better, healthier and stronger you.  || Read more

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This 4 week bodyweight workout program is a carefully laid out plan to help you get more fitness and exercise into your life. It takes discipline to workout at home and sometimes the challenge is just knowing where to start. I know you lead busy lives and so I have made a plan and organized workouts, as I would love someone else to do for me, if I didn’t already love to do it!  Consistency is key to making big changes in your physical fitness and this plan can help you stay on track. Following a HIIT home workout program and doing 10 to 30 minute workouts daily will fast track you to better health and the body of your dreams.  || Read more

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These top 10 superfoods represent the superstars of the plant world in terms of nutrition and healing properties. What makes a food a superfood? A food is considered to be a superfood if it has a broad or very high nutrient content, or if it has very special powerful healing or medicinal properties that are unique to this plant, rarely found in others.  As such, these foods are the best foods to incorporate into your diet to heal yourself, and to look and feel your best. || Read more

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How to eat raw is really simple: grab an apple and eat it, but making raw foods a big part of your everyday life can be a little more challenging, especially if you are coming straight from a standard American diet of mostly cooked and processed foods. We mostly all know that eating raw foods, straight from nature is healthy. || Read more

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Saffron is a spice that comes from the small purple saffron crocus. Each flower on the plant has 3 vivid crimson stigmas which are the part used as the spice. Saffron is used in various Indian, Persian and European cuisines, and sometimes Arab and Turkish cuisines as well, as a seasoning and coloring agent.   || Read more

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Barefoot training is becoming more and more popular with more and more trainers and coaches.  Barefoot running has been gaining in popularity and there are many other sports and activities can be and are done barefoot, including: my favorite, HIIT and also yoga, gymnastics, dance and Tai chi along with many martial arts.   || Read more