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Winter is on its way and I have been asked frequently for suggestions on how to stay raw in the winter. Eating raw food in the winter is definitely a little more challenging than in the summer and I feel like I have this one down. I have helped others and I myself have stayed 100% raw through many Canadian winters and so, I have some great tips and strategies to share. || Read more

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Which natural sweeteners are the most healthy sweeteners and the best sweeteners of all? This question has been asked over and over and it’s one of those questions that can have many answers, depending on how you look at it and who is answering. When I look at natural sweeteners I will take into account the sweetening effect vs the nutritional aspect. || Read more

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How to eat raw is really simple: grab an apple and eat it, but making raw foods a big part of your everyday life can be a little more challenging, especially if you are coming straight from a standard American diet of mostly cooked and processed foods. We mostly all know that eating raw foods, straight from nature is healthy. || Read more

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My new raw foods recipe book is just out on Amazon and I am so excited to share it with you!  This book has been a labor of love and is something I have been wanting to put out for years. It has over 100 of my favorite raw foods recipes. This includes the raw recipes that I use day to day as well as my favorites to take to gatherings and share with others. And now I get to share them with you, in an format that is very easy to read and navigate.  This e-book is a kindle book and available on, or in Canada, at the links below. || Read more

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This raw version of Pad Thai is close to the authentic, and very popular, Thai dish. It is made with tamarind and has all of the distinctive flavors of the original. The big difference is in the noodles. I like to mix softened kelp noodles with flat peeled zucchini noodles for my Pad Thai, and include strips of carrot, red pepper and other vegetables to fill it out also.   Pad Thai is a dish that excites all of the taste buds at once as you experience all of the flavor sensations; the sweet, sour, salty, tangy and spicy. This dish is a favorite and a wonderful taste sensation.   || Read more

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Young Thai Coconuts have an incredible soft, very subtle and light tasting meat inside of them. The coconut meat makes a great base for many raw foods dishes as there is very little taste and the meat adapts to and blends well with (or is hidden under) many different flavors. It can be used in a diverse array of dishes from various types of cuisines.  You can cut the meat in strips to use alone as noodles or blend the meat with other ingredients or water to make a smooth creamy base for sauces and soups. I like to eat the meat as is straight from the coconut, just spoon out and eat. The water is pretty awesome too and is the highest natural  source of electrolytes. Coconut meat is filled with nutrients and the good fats contained in it are great for weight loss!  || Read more

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Fresh vanilla beans will give a rich and deep, pure and clear flavor to any recipe calling for vanilla. There are a few different ways to use the beans. You can scrape the seeds out and just use these or make an extract or grind up and use the whole bean. In the video below I show how to open the bean and remove the seeds and also how to make an extract the raw foods way, without using alcohol. I’ll show you the no fuss, easiest ways to work with and use vanilla beans. || Read more