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chaga mushroom benefits

Chaga mushrooms have some really incredible health benefits, and drinking Chaga tea is a great way to get them. Come shopping with me for my favorite superfoods and have a cup of Chaga tea with me. You’ll see below how easy it is to make Chaga tea and check out many of the incredible benefits to your health and why it is one of the top superfoods available now. || Read more

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I am back at the Lotus Heart Center in Brighton, Ontario and am in the kitchen again, making food for another retreat. This retreat is called Coming Home and is an enlightenment intensive meditation retreat hosted by Russell Scott. It is a fascinating process and quite different from the last (also interesting) retreat I worked at here in February.  || Read more

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Raw and Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

Regardless of what  life situation you find yourself in, it’s always a good plan to have a healthy homemade trail mix made up and ready to go. One part of eating healthy is having yourself covered whether you are on the run or if a hunger pang or snack craving hits. || Read more

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Sweet and Spicy Fruit and Vegetable Salad Recipe

This sweet and spicy fruit and vegetable salad recipe is bursting with flavor, color, life and creativity. This is soul food that feeds the senses and makes you feel happy to be alive. Not only do the abundant fresh enzymes give you sustaining energy physically but the mingled scents and rich taste aliven our own senses and make us feel creative, connected and in tune. Yes, I really believe you can get all of this out of one salad. It’s an adventure in a bowl. || Read more

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15 Top Tips to Kick Sugar Addiction

Sugar. That white powdery addictive substance is like a bad boyfriend. It attracts you with an enticing lure but then soon leaves you flat, broke and exhausted. And even when you finally lock the door against it, it finds ways to slip in though the backdoor, often disguised in captivating and innocent-looking packages. || Read more

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I find it quite amazing and wonderful to taste a dish from my childhood made as a vegetarian version that tastes just as good if not better. I really love that. ..and this comforting lentil and mushroom Shephed’s pie recipe does just that. Actually, I believe this to be better than any other Shepherd’s pie I’ve previously tasted. || Read more

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Favorite Ftabata workouts

Have you ever heard of a miraculous 4 minute workout that will help you lose weight fast? The most common one out there, and what has been a rage with many athletes as well as celebrities in the past few years are Tabata workouts. These will boost your metabolism through the roof, while still building muscle and improving cardio endurance fast. || Read more