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Walk Out to 2 Side Plank Dips exercise – From standing bend over at hips so hands touch floor and walk hands out to plank position, turn to side plank position, body supported with one arm and put the other hand behind head with elbow towards ceiling. Do 2 side plank dips but bringing hips down to the ground and back up twice, turn back to high plank (push up) position and then walk arms back in and stand up. This is one rep. || Read more

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Lateral Jump and Diagonal Woodchop with Medicine ball – Standing straight with medicine ball on floor beside your left foot, hop with both feet together over ball to the other side of it. Then bend over, pick it up and do a diagonal woodchop bringing ball at a diagonal across your body to the opposite side and up high above your left shoulder. Then reverse movements returning ball to ground beside right foot. This is one rep. For the next rep jump over the ball back to your start position and do a diagonal woodchop again in the opposite direction. Return ball to ground and continue these movements alternating sides for each rep. || Read more