Blue Solar Water


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I love and drink blue solar water daily and I have been doing this for several years now. Every day here at our home we set out blue bottles filled with water and every evening when the sun has gone down we bring them in again. My mom & I both believe in, make and drink solar water regularly. It’s a routine and just a part of our life now. 

Blue Solar Water

We first heard about this through the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale when reading more about Ho’o pono pono (I will link to a post about it as soon as I write it), which is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique which I practice, especially if ever anything is not going right in my life. Fortunately it’s rare, but occasionally happens – that’s life!

Blue solar water goes along with the teachings of Ho’o pono pono and helps to clear the deep seated programs that we replay over and over. It is said to heal deep emotional wounds and blocks, to free and release these and help bring us back to zero. Being at zero is like having a clean slate without the programs running, or background thoughts, that do not serve us well.

To be honest,  it is hard to feel or know if the solar water is working and I will admit that I do it a lot on faith. Sometimes you have to balance ‘what will I lose?’ with ‘what will I gain?’ and take a chance. I do know that I feel very clear and open, free of fears or anxiety and whether it is this or something else I have been doing, that I can not tell you. You will have to decide if it resonates with you enough to give it a chance. It did with me.  I am drawn to it and drink it still every day.

Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories replaying problems in the subconscious mind and helps the body to ‘let go & let God’” ~Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


How to Make Blue Solar Water

Get a blue glass bottle and fill it up with water, preferably filtered water or ideally spring water, but even if you only have tap water it will still work fine. Cover or seal but not with metal, make sure it has a glass, cork, wood, plastic or other cap. Leave and inch or so of space in the winter time and be careful not to let the water in the bottle freeze; I have broken several bottles this way. Then, put the bottle in direct sunlight for one hour or more.

You can use this water for anything that you use water for but I use it mainly as my drinking water.

The water actually tastes better. It feels softer and tastes fresher and purer. My son came home one day with a couple friends and was laughing and joking about the solar water. So he and his friends decided to do an experiment and see if they thought there was any different. All 3 of them agreed that the blue solar water was much better and their laughing kind of changed to looking at me almost questioning. I think I got a ‘hey I think she’s actually onto something’ kind of look.

I really believe in it & would like to suggest that you give it a try and see how you feel about it too. It costs nothing and is easy to do. All you need is a blue bottle. I found a couple at the Bay before, and you may have to keep your eyes out for one, or you can order them online.  I get my blue glass bottles from Fred Black. Here is his website, he is wonderful to deal with!

from Fred’s website:

Why Do It?

  • Blue Solar Water fills you with love.
  • Blue Solar Water removes recurring “memories” or programs that run in your subconscious, freeing you from their effects. These are like automatic programming that your subconscious runs on – limiting you and causing you to repeat the same problems over and over.
  • It will remove recurring blocks or problems that you’re not even aware of because it works at the subconscious level.
  • In the book Zero Limits, Dr. Hew Len, says that the body loves lots of water (and usually does not get enough). Blue water will love the body as much as the body loves blue water.
  • House Plants Love it! My mother swears that blue water makes her house plants grow better!
  • Cancer: It’s important to drink a lot of water when taking chemo or other cancer treatments. In addition to the benefits of the blue water, having big bottles to work through helps to make sure you drink enough.
  • Give it to your children: my 6 year old loves to have “blue water” at bed time.

Note: My friends love it too. They look forward to it when they come over. It’s special to be able to offer blue solar water to guests! People really do appreciate it. I think on a very deep level they feel it.

These are the glass bottles I use.

Blue Solar Water

Water and Vibrations

Water changes and attunes to different energies and vibrational frequencies. Color works on a vibrational level also. Sun-charged water is an old science that has been rediscovered along with color therapy and color healing.

Interesting to note is that the Egyptians only stored their precious oils and liquids in purple glass. Different colors work on different frequencies and levels of our etheric beings.


Blue Energy

Blue has a very emotional and spiritual aspect to it. Blue is calming and soothing, releases and decreases stress, anxiety and tension. It is perfect for meditation, relaxation and even sleep. It heals on a deep emotional level and helps to release old stored emotional memories and deep rooted fears. Blue helps lower blood pressure and helps to bring out one’s creative side as it brings you a state of balance and peace.


This is an exerpt from “The Zero Limits Seminar” by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

But now, what THIS will do for you, because most of us run around dehydrated, it will do like this: If you have any respiratory problem, if you drink at least a gallon of this, it’ll knock it out; if you have any back problems, if you have any joint problems, if you have any muscle problems, it’ll knock it out…just memories. But, now you are hydrating yourself. Now, remember now, it’s going into The Subconscious before its goes into the cell. It’s changing you at The Subconscious level. So, if you drink this stuff, a Lot of your so called health problems will go…guaranteed.” ~ Dr, Hew Len


Cheers, to your highest emotional and physical health!

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  • Mary Leedy

    After you leave them out in the sun for an hour, can you put it in the refrigerator? I like drinking cold water before going to bed.

    • robin13r

      Yes, great idea! and I don;t think it will alter the benefits of the solar water at all. I usually drink mine at room temp, but I also keep a bottle in the fridge for company, or for hot days.

  • Anonymous

    I have blue glass vases that were my grandmothers. they’re gorgeous, but I’m not using them. I can’t wait to get home, clean and fill em up and get em outside! thanks!

    • robin13r

      How wonderful. That sounds amazing, and sentimental. love it!!

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  • achristine

    I live in a wet, rainy climate that often doesnt get direct sun exposure. If my bottles are left out in the daylight is that sufficient or what else could i do?

    • I am not positive on this, but I think they still get rays from the light. I take my bottles out even when it is overcast and not sunny. I think it still makes a difference.

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Len says that an incandescent light bulb will also work. Not fluorescent. Not CFL.

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  • Kevin

    You can find Blue Glass Solar Water Bottles here.

  • philip

    why not use transparent glass. blue color bottle will reflect/filter out blue color, it does not absorb blue color.
    you need to use a bottle brush to clean the bottom of the bottles because the residue left in there.
    I play 432hz to my drinking water. it does taste softer and silkier than the one I place away from the tone.

    • Great idea. When we used to grow sprouts commercially, the sprouts actually did grow better with classical music than with rock or other types. It makes sense to me that it would afect the water also.

    • icyravens

      Hi Philip,

      I felt I needed to point out that the statement “blue color will reflect/filter out blue color, it does not absorb blue color” is -entirely- incorrect. ORANGE glass filters out blue wavelengths of light. Blue glass -will- concentrate blue color.

      Imagine a stained glass window with sunlight streaming through it… when it comes through that cobalt blue section of glass, what color is shown on the ground? Cobalt blue. Any other colors? No. At least, not ones that are perceivable to our human eyes.

  • Junk

    we’re agreed this is horseshit, right?

  • Bidisha

    Is it okay is the blue bottle is a light shade of blue? Does it need to be a dark shade of blue?

    • Sorry late response Bidisha. I believe that a deep shade of blue is good to use, but I do not think the shade matters. A comment was just posted with an interesting video with Dr Hew Len and Joe Vitale that is interesting and may give a better answer.

    • Cindy

      Any shade of blue will work! As stated by Dr. Hew Len

  • Deb

    Try it. I have left a glass by my bedside several days and it stays fresh. I’m not kidding ! You know how those little bubbles collect in a container of water in just a short time? Well it doesn’t happen to solar water AND it tastes like you just
    Poured It after a week even you may see a tiny bubble or two.!!!!!

  • Diane G

    I use those same bottles that are pictured in your article and of the 3 that I bought, 2 have broken! What am I doing wrong?

    • I am not sure. I have only had them break from leaving them outside, in freezing weather ..when the water inside froze it expanded breaking the bottle.. so my fault really. If yours broke from normal usage I would call the place you bought them from and tell them. Maybe they have a solution or even will replace them. I did have one broken in shipping once when I ordered 12 bottles.. but they replaced it right away. Best!

    • Kayden Radhe

      Hello Diane,
      Maybe you would like to try Blue Bottle Love water bottles…check them out! They do not break easily and they come plain or with beautiful sandblasted positive intentions!

  • Joey Szekeres

    Got a blue glass bottle of that Saratoga sparkling spring water it has an aluminum cap I think.. Better than plastic I think, is this cool? I’m not getting cork anytime soon. Going to set this out.. Tomorrow I suppose.

  • Gretchen Gee

    Hi Robyn, I live in NZ and
    we have high UV rays especially in summer, which is very bad. Would this
    affect the water? Also I was thinking of leaving the bottles on my outdoor table which
    has dark tiles, this would heat the water and make it quite hot. Would this be
    OK for the water? Thanks Gretchen

    • Hi Gretchen,
      I haven’t heard of UV rays affecting the water, but I am not sure on that. As far as the heat, I don’t think it would matter for the water, other than not wanting to drink warm water.I used to refrigerate my bottles sometimes after they were in the sun to cool the water. You could try that. Best!

      • Natanyah Israel

        Does putting them in the refrigerator take away from the sun?

  • Nour

    I read on many sites that the blue solar bottle has to be a cobalt bottle. I found this in many blogs and many videos and I got confused . Would this be true ?Or It’s only wrong information for commercial reasons??

    • Hi Nour, I’ve read that too, but I am not sure if it is accurate or not. Maybe it’s a combo of both (commercially good, and is the best healing color as well). I am not sure. I have heard that Egyptians stored their precious oils and liquids in deep purple bottles. It’s interesting, but I hope that doesn’t confuse you further. Peace, and best wishes – and sorry I can’t be of more help.

    • Timea Bakos

      I don’t remember where since it was years ago, but some people actually did a bunch of experiments with various color bottles and then checked the energy levels, and found that it was only the dark blue color that produced beneficial effects. Don’t remember which but some colors were neutral while others actually made the energy level worse. So I would stick with the dark blue glass bottles.

  • Balasubramaniam Thirunellai Se

    from India

  • Noni

    actually Dr. Hew Len recommends a plastic cap and tap water and any shade of blue glasd bottle . You can confirm this by watching one of his you tube videos

  • Timea Bakos

    Hello, I just wanted to comment that as for the water-harmonizing effect, it is definitely not a matter of faith – anyone can test this by making a batch of blue solar water and drinking some of it, to notice that it will definitely taste much better. We make BSW all the time when the weather is sunny!

  • Francesco Petretto

    Loved the video, thanks!