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Fo ti is said to have been taken daily by Chung Yun, a famous Chinese herbalist who reportedly lived to be 256 years old.Fo-Ti is thought to have been responsible for both his long life and his legendary sexual prowess, he was said to have had 24 wives.

About – Fo-Ti, is more commonly known in China as He Shou Wu, is a plant native to, and found throughout China, and also found in Taiwan and Japan. The Fo Ti plant is a twining vine of the knotweed family and the root, which is dried and cured, is the part that is used medicinally.

Benefits – He Shou Wu means “black haired Mr. He.” And is thought to be responsible for returning the natural black hair colour to a previously gray-haired man. Fo Ti is taken as a longevity tonic and to restore youthfulness, and prevent against premature aging, grey hair and erectile dysfuction. It is considered a tonic to increase energy and vitality and strengthen the blood, kidneys and liver. Fo Ti contains an alkaloid that has rejuvenating effects on the nerves, brain cells and endocrine glands. It stimulates the adrenal glands and helps to detoxify the body. It is beneficial for numerous other conditions including: hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, fatigue, nerve damage, inflammation of lymph nodes. Fo Ti has been used beneficially to lower cholesterol, improve immune function, alleviate fatigue, protect against insomnia and degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers.  It is also indicated to boost the immune system and increase sexual vigour.

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