Beet Zinger Green Juice Recipe


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I loved this new green juice recipe and I am loving this challenge. A month of intense nutrition consumption. It is a luxury and living a life of abundance to consume the best foods on the planet. Vibrant living plant foods, especially juiced, provides pure intense nutrition. This green juice will fill you with energy, vibrancy and make you feel alive, happy and optimistic.

To me, juicing is worth the little extra expense and waste that can go along with it. However, you can use the pulp to make dehydrated crackers.  I will look to see if I have a good recipe for this, or I will create a new one before the month is up! It’s a great use for left over pulp from juicing.

Yesterday’s juice was fantastic!  The star is beets, again! I am enthused about beets after writing about them yesterday. and they are paired with apples, ginger and greens, including broccoli. We have here a very healthy and a very delicious one today! This juice could instantly make you feel 10 years younger!

Here it is:


Beet Zinger Green Juice Recipe


Beet Zinger Green Juice Recipe

1 cup Broccoli
4 Kale stalks
1 Cucumber
1 Beet
1 Apple
small piece of Ginger, unless you love it. Then add lots!

Juice it all together.


Juicing photos

Prep the ingredients.

Beet Zinger Green Juice - ingredients

..and then juice!

Beet Zinger Green Juice - juicing

Voila! Delicious green juice with beets, apple and ginger. Mmm!

Beet Zinger Green Juice


Cheers, to your health!


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